Cognos TM1-10 Course Curriculum

Difference between Tm1 9.X and Tm1
Cognos TM1-10 Architecture

TM1 Components

  • Tm1 architect
  • Tm1 perspectives
  • Tm1 turbo integrator
  • Tm1 Cube Viewer
  • Tm1 Subset Editor

How to Create New TM1 server and configure Server

Cognos Performance Modeler

  • About Performance Modeler
  • Types of Dimension in Performance Modeler
  • How to create Dimensions manually
  • How to Create Measure Dimension
  • How to Create Time Dimension
  • How to Populate Time Dimension
  • How to Create Hierarchy Dimension
  • How to Add Attribute to Dimension
  • How to Create Pick List
  • How to Create Dimension using process
  • How to create Calculated Column
  • How to Create Cube
  • How to load data into Cube
  • How to Link Cubes
  • Types of access permissions in Performance Modeler
  • Levels of access permissions in Performance Modeler
  • How to provide access permissions in Performance Modeler
  • How to Create Users and User Groups in Performance Modeler
  • How to add users to User Groups in Performance Modeler
  • How to assign capabilities to user Groups
  • Types of Applications in Performance Modeler
  • How to create application in Performance Modeler
  • How to validate application
  • How to publish application
  • How to provide Rights to application
  • How to Import Rights
  • How to Export Application
  • How to Import Application

Cognos Insight

  • About Cognos Insight
  • How to Create Model Using Dreage and drop
  • How to create Model Using XL as Data source
  • How to TM1 As data source
  • How to User Database As Data Source
  • How to create Calculate columns
  • How to edit data in Insight for Tm1 Cubes
  • How to Create Custom Groups
  • How to export Data into Ex
  • How to add Exported XL into Tm1 Applications
  • How to update in insight and export into Excel
  • How to create applications
  • How to Publish application
  • How to activate application
  • How use action button in Insight


Create Elements

  • Types of Elements
  • Simple
  • String
  • Consolidated
  • Creation of elements
  • Editing Elements
  • Adding alias attributes to elements
  • Using alias attribute in Cube viewer
  • Creation of Dimension
  • Creation of dimension manually
  • Creation of dimension using TI process
  • Creation of dimension using Dimension worksheet
  • Creating dimension using CSV as Data source
  • Creating dimension using Database as Data source
  • Creating dimension using subset as data source
  • creating more then one dimension from one data source
  • creating Alias attributes using Alias process
  • adding alias attribute for existing dimension using TI process
  • Creation of Cube manually
  • Creating of Cube using TI process

Loading data into Cube
Updating data in Cube

Creation of Subset

  • Creation Of Subset
  • How to create public subset
  • How to create private subset
  • How to create default subset
  • How to create dynamic subset
  • Use Subset in Cube
  • Creation of Cube View
  • Private View
  • Public View
  • Default View
  • Creation Of filter
  • Filter by Level
  • Filter by Wildcard
  • Filter by attribute
  • Data Filter Creation

Working with Sandboxes

  • Creation of sandboxes
  • Deleting sandboxes
  • Commit Sandboxes
  • Reset data
  • Work with Spreadsheets
  • Creation of Slice
  • Creation of snapshot
  • Creation of Active from
  • Active from vs snapshot
  • snapshot vs slice
  • How to create inspreadsheet browser
  • How to create More then one inspreadsheet browser and compare Data
  • How to Create Subset from inspreadsheet browser
  • How to create Cube View from inspreadsheet browser
  • How to restrict Write access for worksheet in Tm1 Web

How to create Template

  • How to Run Process using template
  • How to pass value from XL to Process

Working with Worksheet Slice and active form

  • Adding Action Buttons in worksheet

In Spreadsheet Browser

  • How to Create In Spreadsheet Browser
  • How to swap row and columns

Worksheet Functions

  • DBR
  • DBRW
  •  VIEW

Create Slice report Using Function

Pick List

  •  How to create Static Pick List
  •  How to create Subset Pick List
  •  How to create Dimension Pick List


  •  Data Validation


  •  How to print report in single work book
  •  How to print report in multiple work books

Drill Through

  •  Drill through to cube view
  •  Drill through to Data Source(using ODBC)

Adding Business Rules
Writing business Rules
Controlling calculations
Adding business logic to rules

Data Spreading and hold values



  •  Replicate Cubes: Overview
  •  Replicate Cubes: Advantages
  •  Remove Replications
  •  Synchronization
  •  Schedule synchronization
  •  Delete Replicate

About Log


Deleting data in cube

Integrate with IBM Cognos 10 BI

  •  Integrate TM1 cubes within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environment
  •  Integrate IBM Cognos TM1 in Cognos 8 BI portal
  •  Importing Cognos Tm1 Cube into Cognos 8 Bi Environment


  •  About TM1 Web
  •  Components in TM1 Web
  •  How to create Cube view in TM1 web
  •  How to use subset in Tm1 web
  •  How to create Chart Report
  •  How to change Chart Type and Colors
  •  How to Change Chart appearance
  •  How to Change Chart Properties
  •  How to Run Process in Cognos TM1 Web
  •  How to Edit Chores
  •  How to Activate Chores
  •  How to Execute Chores
  •  How to change user password
  •  How to change Dimension Properties
  •  How to create Sandbox
  •  How to commit Sand box
  •  How to reload sandbox
  •  How to delete sandbox

How to integrate TM1 Web with Cognos BI Portal

Tm1 Security

  •  Manually adding users to Server
  •  Adding users to user groups using TI process
  •  Creation of groups
  •  Apply Security to cubes
  •  Apply security to Dimensions
  •  Apply security to Elements
  •  cell level security
  •  Locking Objects
  •  Reserve objects

Tm1 operations console

About operations console
How to add Server to operations console

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