Data stage training institute in Hyderabad | DataStage Training


1. Parallel Architecture
Data stage architecture.
SMP , MPP systems
Datastage clients and their usage.
Data partitioning and collection Techniques.
Parallel execution
Types of Datastage jobs: Overview

 2. DataStage Configuration and Administration

create and configure a project.
Configuration file & its components
Creating Users and assigning roles.

 3. MetaData

Orchestrate schema.
methods of importing metadata.
runtime column propagation.
respository functions.
Schema Files

4. Handling data from Files
importing/exporting data to/from framework
sequential file.
usage of CFF ( Complex Flat File)
usage of FileSets and DataSets.
Describe use of FTP stage for remote data.
Identify importing/exporting of XML data.

5. Databases
selection of database stages and database specific stage properties.
Identify source database options.
Target database options.
working with NLS database sources and targets.

6. Data Transformation
Explict/Implict type conversions,
output mappings
selections of Transformer stage vs. other stages.
Transformer stage capabilities
(including: stage variables, link variables, DataStage macros, constraints, system variables, link ordering.)
Identify process to add functionality not provided by existing DataStage stages.
(e.g., wrapper, buildops, user def functions/routines).
7. Job Components
Copy ,modify, filter, switch Stages,
SORT stage.funnel , remove duplicates
Join, Lookup and Merge stages.
Aggregator stage.
change capture/change apply.
Surrogate key generator stage ,SCD stage
Pivot Stage,
Row generator ,column generator stage
Column Import and Column Export stages
Debugging stages.

8. Job Design
Parameter sets
shared containers.
multiple instance jobs.
managing datasets.
Parallel and basic routines.
Before and after job subroutines
Demonstrate knowledge of real-time vs. batch job design.

9. Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Job monitoring
parallel job score.
identify areas that may improve performance.
Common errors and solutions.
Job repots.
10. Job Management and Deployment
knowledge of advanced find.
impact analysis and job compare.
change control process.
Import and export of Code.

11. Job Control and Runtime Management
Creating a job sequence
activity stages , Triggers and expressions
Job Scheduling.
message handlers.
dsjob command line utility.
Job Locks , Status File info.

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