IBM Integration BUS

(Web sphere Message Broker) v9.0 /10.0


IBM Integration Bus v9, known in previous releases as WebSphere Message Broker, is a lightweight, advanced enterprise service bus (ESB) that provides a broad range of integration capabilities that enable companies to rapidly integrate internal applications and connect to partner applications. Messages from business applications can be transformed, augmented and routed to other business applications. The types and complexity of the integration required will vary by company, application types, and a number of other factors.

The product supports a wide range of protocols: WebSphere® MQ, JMS 1.1, HTTP and HTTPS, Web Services (SOAP and REST), File, Enterprise Information Systems (including SAP and Siebel), and TCP/IP.

It supports a broad range of data formats: binary formats (C and COBOL), XML, and industry standards (including SWIFT, EDI, and HIPAA). You can also define your own data formats.

It supports many operations, including routing, transforming, filtering, enriching, monitoring, distribution, collection, correlation, and detection.


IBM Integration Bus(IIB) V9 /V10


Course Contents

  • Introduction to Enterprise Services Bus
  • Introduction to MQ & SOA &IIB
  • Installation of MQ and IIBV9
  • IIB Nodes Overview
  • Working with Tool Kit

Websphere MQ Series

  • MQ Concepts
  • MQ Commands
  • IIB Commands
  • Publish & Subscribe
  • Triggering
  • Clustering
  • Trouble shooting


  • CSV – XML Transformation
  • BLOB – MRM – XMLNSC Transformation
  • BLOB – MRM – SOAP Transformation
  • Mapping Node Transformation
  • Java Compute Node Transformation
  • DFDL – Cobol Transformation
  • XSLT Node Transformation


  • Flow order Node
  • Filter Node
  • Route to Label Nodes
  • Propagation
  • Aggregation Nodes
  • Business Rules – Decision Service Node

Web services

  • SOAP Input, Request, Reply, Extract, Envelope
  • REST Services HTTP Input, Request, Reply
  • WSRR – End point and Registry look up nodes
  • Webservice Reliable Messaging
  • Service Discovery and cataloguing

Exception Handling

  • Try catch & Throw Nodes
  • Exception Handling

Logging Frame Work

  • Log4J Node
  • Record & Replay
  • Monitoring
  • Workload Management
  • Detecting & Resolving Unresponsive Messages
  • Improved Web Visualization & Analytics


  • Installing & Configuring DB2
  • SQL Queries – Select,Insert,Update,Delete
  • Database Services & Analysis

Design & Performance

  • Creating XSD, WSDL using XML Spy
  • Creating Integration Design Specification
  • Considerations for Message Flow Development, ESQL, Infrastructure


  • File Processing
  • Record Distribution
  • Record Distribution to HTTP: one-way pattern
  • Record Distribution to WebSphere MQ: one-way pattern
  • Message-based Integration
  • Message Request Response Correlator pattern
  • Message Correlator for WebSphere MQ: request-response with persistence pattern
  • Message Correlator for WebSphere MQ: request-response without persistence
  • Message Splitter pattern
  • Message Splitter for WebSphere MQ: one-way (for XML) pattern
  • Service Enablement
  • Service Facade pattern
  • Service Facade to WebSphere MQ: one-way with acknowledgment pattern
  • Service Facade to WebSphere MQ: request-response pattern
  • Service Virtualization
  • Service Proxy pattern
  • Service Proxy: static endpoint pattern


  • ESQL Functions
  • Local Environment Variable
  • Environment Variable
  • Shared Variable

Mini Project 1 – Student’s Lab Exercise
Mini Project 2 – Student’s Lab Exercise

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