Session 1: Swift language introduction

  • Basic of Objective-C
  • Compare objective C and swift
  • Set up swift
  • Xcode 6 introduction and create welcome swift app
  • Identify Xcode menu options

Session 2: Swift language basics Part1

  • Basic Operators(assignment, comparison, conditional statements and logical operators)
  • Constants and variables
  • Integer and floating point conversion
  • Booleans and Tuples
  • Methods in swift

Session 3: Swift language part 2

  • Declare Strings and characters
  • String Literals and working with strings and characters
  • Declare Arrays and Mutable Array operations
  • Creatingon Dictionaries and mutable Dictionaries
  • Iterating over an array and initializing array and dictionary literals

Session 4: Control Flow

  • For loops
  • For-In
  • While
  • Switch
  • If and else statements
  • Range matching
  • Continue

Session 5: Enumerations & Classes

  • Properties
  • Functions Types
  • Declare and call functions
  • Function parameters and return values
  • Functions with multiple return values and function parameters names
  • Constant and variable parameters

Session 6: Enumerations & Classes

  • Enumerations of Array and dictionaries
  • Creating classes and syntax
  • Class structures and properties
  • Accessing properties from classes

Session 7: Initialization

  • Setting initial values for stored properties
  • Customizing initialization
  • Default initializers
  • Failable initializers
  • Requited initializers

Session 8: Create GUI controls in swift

  • Creating View Controllers in swift
  • Basic GUI controls
  • UISegment Control, UISwitch and UISlider
  • Create ImageViews and animations
  • Create Datepickers

Session 9: Advanced controllers

  • Creating scroll controllers
  • Working with Tab bar controllers
  • Creating Table controllers
  • Display list of content in table

Session 10: Testing and debug swift apps

  • Testing and debug app
  • Performance of app
  • Memory issues
  • Creating ipa for swift app

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