Apache Wicket CONCEPTS

Apache Wicket Framework Concepts

Introduction Section
Introduction to Wicket:
     How we got into wicket, problems solved by wicket
Wicket Architecture:
    How wicket handles web request and response
Wicket Components:
     The components available in wicket - Page, Panel, WebMarkupContainer, MarkupContainer, Form Component etc
Getting Inside Wicket
Understanding Models:
     Working with Property models & detachable models
Explaining components like Label, Link, Radio button, checkbox and dropdown:
     Behaviour of each component and how to use it in the web pages
Process user Input forms:
     Passing the user input values, and performing validations
Creating a page, using Panels & WebMarkupContainer:
     Creating a page using wicket panels and using WebMarkupContainer
Diving deep into Wicket
Reusable Components:
      Creating more generic and compound reusable components
Working with Images, Css, Style sheets and Scripts:
       Including images, scripts using packaged resources
Creating rich UI components using Ajax:
      Using Ajax components and behaviours to create responsive web User Interface

Advanced Wicket
Securing the application
     Authorizing and authenticating the application using wicket
Common Layout with Wicket
      Common layout with wicket for consistent look and feel.
How to fit wicket in multi-tiered application:
      Pattern of organizing wicket with existing layers
      Supporting multiple languages within your web application
Creating a sample application
      Creating a sample application with all the features together & deploying the wicket application.
Testing wicket components using Wicket Tester:
      Testing the UI wicket components and asserting the expected behaviours.

1. Hello World
2. Form Validator
3. Component Ext
4. Common Layouts
5. Internationalization
6. Resource Model
7. Ajax UI Component
8. Show hide Example
9. WicketBean Validation
10. Wicket Auth Roles
11. Wicket ExtionLib
12. Wicket JQuery
13. Wicket Spring
14. Wicket Spring Security

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