Microsoft Power BI

Scope  Topic
Introduction Introduction to Power BI and Power BI Products. Also, pricing of Power BI
Installing Power BI desktop and sign-in to Power BI app service from Desktop

3. Explore the Power BI Desktop panels
i. Options window (left to Home Menu) ii. Top Ribbon with different data sources
ii. Left side vertical panel iv.Right side vertical panels (Visualizations, Fields)
Data Cleansing
4. Explore all the data sources and connecting to excel file, text file, folder source, sql server database
5. What is Load and edit? Can we do edit after loading to the model?
6. HOME ribbon
I) Choose & Remove columns ii) Keep & remove rows iii) Remove duplicates & Error rows
iv) Sorting v) Split column (by delimiter / by no. of characters) vi) Group by vi) data type change
vii) First row as headers viii) Replace values ix) Merge queries & Append Quires
Transform ribbon
i) Transpose, Reverse and Count Rows ii) Fill iii) Pivot and Un-pivot iv) Format
v) Merge columns and Extract vi) statistics / standard/ Scientific / Trigonometry / Round/ Information
vi) Date/ Time / Duration
Add Column ribbon Add Custom columns / Index column
View ribbon
i) Query settings ii) Advanced editor iii) Formula bar (M-Query)
iv) Mono spaced v) Show whitespace
Left / RightPanels
i) Left side vertical panel (Queries) Table and options
ii) Left side vertical panel (Query settings) Properties and Applied steps with gear icons
7. How to load the cleansed and transformed data to the data model (Close and Apply option)?
Data Modelling
8. What is relationship window and Data window from Left side vertical panel
9. Relationship window  Explore Table properties and Field properties
& manage relationships from ribbon
Data window Explore the field properties from the right side vertical panel (Fields)
Difference between new measure & New columns
10. Create multiple measures and columns with DAX functions
11. What is reports windows from Left side vertical panel and explore the options of reports window
i. Top ribbon with report options  New page, visuals, Text box, image, shapes and page view
ii. Right side panel(Fields options) Rename, hide/Unhide, delete, Hierarchy and filters
(Visualizations) around 25+ styles with formatting options
12. Different report styles and apply formatting options
i. Table, Matrix, Card, Multi row card,
ii. Bar charts, Line charts
iii. Dual style charts (Line and bar)
iv. Pie charts, Donut charts, Tree maps and geographical maps (Globe and Filled Map)

App Service

v. Scatter plot, Funnel, Gauge, KPI and Slickers.
vi. R based charts
13. After adding 4 visuals to page, explore the below options
i. Ribbon (Home)  Format painter
ii. Ribbon (Format) Edit interactions, Align, distribute and bring forward, send backward
iii. Visual options Focus mode, sort by, export data
14. How to create drilldown charts?
15. How to publish the files Power BI App service and what are the options while publishing?
16. Explore Power BI App service window with top ribbon and panels
i. Top black ribbon 1. Full focus mode with print option while in focus mode option
2. Gear iconContent packs, settings, gateways, Dev tools and embed code
3. Downloads, support, feedback and account info
ii. white ribbon under black ribbon 1. Add widget (Web content, image, video and Textbox)
2. Share
3. …  Duplicate / print / refresh/ featured dashboard
iii. question bar below white ribbon provide business question, answered in a report format
iv. Left side ribbon (from bottom)
1. Datasets: Explore data set options

  1. Types of gateways and what are those?
  2. refresh the data from on-premise to Cloud App service

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