Developer | Architect | Admin

Data warehouse (DWH) Concepts

      Introduction to DWH

      Need for DWH in Real time

      DWH Life Cycle

      OLTP & OLAP Databases

      Dimension Modelling

      Types of schemas

      Dimension types

      Fact Types

      Data Marts


MicroStrategy Introduction

     Introduction to MicroStrategy

     Business Intelligence

     MicroStrategy Architecture

     Introduction to MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Iserver and Metadata.

     Report Execution flow

MicroStrategy Basic Admin & Architect

     MSTR Installation

     Metadata ODBC Connection

     Populating Metadata Tables

     Creation of Project Source

     Creation of DBI

     Creation of Project

     Introduction to MSTR Architect

     Loading Tables into Project

     Creation of simple Attributes

     Creation of simple Facts

     Creation of Hierarchies

Public Objects (Developer)

     Report sections

     Different Views of Report

     Creating and Saving Reports in Desktop.

     Types of Filters

     Types of Metrics


     Custom Groups


     Drill Maps




     Formatting Grids

-       Report Data Options

-       Grid Options

-       Thresholds

-       Page By

-       Sorting

      I Cubes & Reporting on I Cube.

      OLAP Services

      Introduction to Documents

      Sections in Documents

      Introduction to Dashboards

      Visualizations in Dashboards

      Building Interactive Dashboards

      Advanced Dashboards

      Visual Insight Dashboards

      Mobile Dashboards

Schema Objects (Architect)

      Introduction to Architect

     Project tables & Hierarchical View

      Loading Tables into MSTR

      Logical Data Modelling

      Creation of Facts

      Fact Types

      Creation of Attributes

      Attribute Types

      Creation of Hierarchies

      Creation of Transformations

Configuration Objects (Admin)

     User and User Group Creation

     Types of Caches


     Jobs Monitoring

     Object Manager

     Introduction to Project Merge

     Command Manager

     Enterprise Manager

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