IBM NETEZZA Developer Course Content


The objective of this course is to enrich an associate with end-to-end knowledge on IBM Netezza development to handle day-to-day and any complex business needs.

Below are various topics that will be covered as part of this detailed practical training:

• About Netezza Performance Server (NPS)
• NPS AMPP Architecture & Various Netezza appliance models
• Installing Netezza GUI client Interfaces
• ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB Client connectivity
• Installing Netezza Emulator for day-to-day practice
• Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)
• Netezza SQL (NZSQL) language
• NZSQL DDL/DML/DCL/TCL statements
• NZSQL command line options & Internal slash commands
• Netezza Environment & System Variables
• Managing User Access to the Netezza Database
• Working with Databases & Tables (both from NZSQL & GUI interfaces)
• Netezza Data Types, Schemas, Users, Groups, Privileges
• Functions, Operators, Constraints, Sequences & Synonyms
• Data Distribution (Hash, Random) & Best practices
• Transactions, Generate Statistics, Zone Maps, Materialized Views
• Groom Table, CBT, Table Skew
• SQL Identifiers, Reserved Words & keywords, Table Constraints
• Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables, NZLOAD (CLI & GUI tools)
• Netezza system tables, views, user tables, Materialized views
• Netezza Joins, Sub queries, stored procedures, Aggregates, UDFs
• Netezza SQL Extensions & Analytic functions
• Techniques to improve Netezza query performance
• Working with IBM Netezza support to resolve issues

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