Oracle ATG
ATG Basics

  • Overview of ecommerce & ATG
  • ATG platform & ATG suite of products
  • ATG Framework
  • ATG core modules (DAF/DPS/DCS)
  • ATG component centric development model & component Architecture
  • ATG design patterns
  • Understand Nucleus & create components using Nucleus
  • ATG Configuration Layering

ATG Repositories

  • ATG repository Architecture
  • Repository models
  • Extending repositories
  • Profile Adapter repository
  • Product Catalog
  • Order Repository
  • Relationships (one- to- one, one-to-many, many-to-many)
  • Retrieving and updating repository items
  • ATG Repository query language & Named queries
  • Repository caching
  • Versioned repositories

ATG Configuration

  •  Download &Install ATG
  • Configure ATG by using CIM
  • Install Nucleus on JBOSS App server
  • Create Database Schemas (Production/Core/Publishing/Switching)
  • ATG Eclipse plugins
  • Import ATG Data
  • Assemble ATG modules
  • Run ATG application

ATG component development

  • ATG Form handlers (Profile Form Handler , Cart Modifier Form Handler, Shipping Group From Handler)
  • Custom Form Handlers
  • ATG Servlet bean overview
  • ATG Droplets
  • Custom Droplets
  • ATG custom tags (DSP/DSPEL)
  • Develop application using ATG components.
  • Error Handling

ATG control center

  • ATG control center
  • ATG scenarios and slots
  • ATG Profile Management
  • Triggering emails
  • ATG personalization
  • ATG workflows
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • ATG Dynamo Administration
  • ATG commerce
  • ATG Order
  • ATG commerce items
  • ATG shipping methods
  • ATG payment methods
  • Integrating ATG payment gateways
  • ATG tax calculation
  • ATG Pricing engines (order pricing engine, item pricing engine, shipping pricing engine)
  • ATG pricing calculators
  • ATG pipelines
  • Servlet Pipeline(DAF pipeline)
  • Commerce Pipeline
  • ATG security
  • ATG Fulfillment

ATG Business Control center

  • ATG Business control center
  • Asset management
  • ATG business Deployment to target agents (publishing, Staging, Production)
  • ATG Catalog structure
  • ATG multi site
  • Creating Organizations and roles
  • Create and edit products/SKUs
  • Apply promotions
  • ATG business control center security
  • Content targeters

ATG project

  • setup ATG commerce reference store
  • Develop a custom eCommerce website with all features
  • Create Custom catalog
  • Apply promotions
  • Checkout, Payment, Fullfilment

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