Oracle Fusion Hcm

Oracle Fusion HCM Functional 


Oracle Cloud Global HR

  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Oracle's Cloud Architecture

Introducing Oracle Fusion Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Generating Setup Task Lists
  • Assigning Tasks to Users
  • Maintaining Setup Data: Using Implementation Projects

Define Geographies

  • Geography Model
  • Geography Structure
  • File-Based Import Process
  • Define Enterprise Structures
  • Establishing Enterprise Structures 
  • Manage Enterprise 
  • Creating Legal Entities 
  • Creating Business Units 
  • Establishing Job and Position Structures 
  • Review and Load Configuration 
  • Define Enterprise HCM Information 
  • Define Legal Entities for HCM
  • Define Workforce Structures

    • Employment Model
    • Actions and Reasons
    • Defining Locations
    • Defining Organizations

    Define Grades, Jobs, and Positions

    • Define Grades, Rates, and Ladders
    • Define Jobs, Job Families, and Positions
    • Define Flexfields

    Manage Workforce Lifecycle

    • Add Person
    • Manage Employment Information
    • Transfer, Promote, and Terminate Workers

    Maintain Worker Directories

    • Person Gallery and Portrait
    • Managing Gallery Portrait
    • Defining Worker Directory

    Define Workforce Profiles

    • Configure Talent Profile Settings
    • Set Up Talent Profile Content
    • Set Up Talent Profiles

    Define Security for HCM

    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Data Security
    • Users and Role Provisioning

    Define Approval Management for HCM

    • Manage Approval Rules and Notifications
    • Creating an Approval Policy
    • Oracle BPM Worklist

    Define Workforce Records

    • Defining Availability
    • Defining Person Record Values
    • Defining Employment Record Values
    • Defining Documents

    Define Checklists and Workforce Predictions

    • Checklist Components
    • Predictive Models

    Oracle Cloud Global Payroll


    • Implementing Global Payroll
    • Payroll Data Loading: Overview

    Payroll Task Lists

    • Prerequisite Tasks for Payroll Setup
    • Payroll Setup Tasks for Financial
    • Payroll Setup Tasks for Banks and Cash Management
    • Define Payroll
    • Define Earning and Deduction Definitions

    Payroll Product Usage

    • Payroll Product Usage
    • Setting Payroll Product Usage

    Profile Options

    • Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option
    • Viewing and Editing Profile Option Values

    Pay Frequency

    • Pay Frequency Components
    • Consolidation Group Usage
    • Payroll Definitions
    • Managing Payroll Definitions
    • Creating Payroll Definitions
    • Using Time Definitions for Severance Pay
    • Restricting Payroll Processing
    • Object Groups

    User-Defined Tables

  • Creating a User-Defined Table for Matched Row Values
  • Creating a User-Defined Table for a Range of Row Values
  • User Table Validation Formula Type

Fast Formulas

  • Using Formulas
  • Writing a Fast Formula Using Formula Text
  • Writing a Fast Formula Using Expression Editor
  • Formula Compilation Errors
  • Balance Definitions

    • Payroll Balance Definitions
    • Balance Dimensions
    • Balance Feeds
    • Balances in Net-to-Gross Calculations
    • Balance Exceptions
    • Creating a Balance Exception Report


    • Element Classifications
    • Elements
    • Element Eligibility

    Earnings and Absence Elements

  • Creating Earnings Elements for Payroll
  • Creating Payroll Elements for Absence Management
  • Creating Elements for Time Card Entries
  • Net-to-Gross Earnings
  • Creating a Net-to-Gross Earnings Element
  • Deductions

    • Creating Voluntary and Pre-statutory Deductions
    • Creating Elements for Pension Deductions
    • Entering Calculation Values for Pensions
    • Adding Involuntary Deductions to a Calculation Card
    • Fee and Proration Rules for Involuntary Deductions
    • Involuntary Deduction Processing

      Proration and Retroactive Pay

      • Payroll Event Groups
      • Setting Up Element Proration
      • Prorated Earnings and Deductions
      • Creating a Proration Formula
      • Retroactive Pay
      • Adding a Retroactive Event Manually

      Calculation Information

      • Payroll Calculation Information
      • Payroll Calculation Information at the Legislative Level
      • Calculation Cards
      • Calculation Value Definitions
      • Wage Basis Rules
      • Calculation Factors

      Rate Definitions

      • Rate Definitions
      • Creating Rate Definitions
      • Using the Rate Calculation Formula

      Payment Methods

      • Bank, Branch, and Account Components
      • Creating Account
      • Entering Bank Information for Personal Payment Methods
      • Organization Payment Methods
      • Payment Methods and Payroll Definitions
      • Setting Up Payment Sources in Organization Payment Methods
      • Third-Party Payment Methods

      Payroll Costing

      • Payroll Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Setup
      • Cost Hierarchy
      • Setting Up the Cost Allocation Key Flexfield
      • Payroll Costing Elements
      • Payroll Setup Tasks for Sub ledger Accounting
      • Payroll Setup Tasks for Costing Accounts
      • Payroll Setup Tasks for Transferring Costs to General Ledger
      • Payroll Costing of Elements
      • Payroll Cost Results
      • Cost Allocation
      • Costing for a Person
      • Distributed Costing

      Payroll Flow Patterns

      • Creating Payroll Flow Patterns
      • Payroll Flow Pattern Parameters
      • Payroll Flow Pattern Tasks Start and Due Dates
      • Managing Corrective Tasks in a Payroll Flow Pattern
      • Payroll Flow Checklist and Flow Tasks
      • Creating a Payroll Flow Pattern to Reissue a Check
      • Editing Payroll Flow Patterns
      • Editing Payroll Flow Patterns
      • Editing a Payroll Flow Pattern

      Payroll Process Configuration

      • Payroll Process Configuration Groups
      • Payroll Process Configuration Group Parameters
      • Payroll Logging Parameters
      • Parallel Processing Parameters

      Security Profiles

      • Creating Payroll Security Profiles
      • Payroll Flow Security and Flow Owners
      • Creating Payroll Flow Security Profiles

      Oracle Cloud Absence Management


      • Implementing Absence Management
      • Absence Management Components
      • Worker Availability

      Lookups, Value Sets, and Flexfields

      • Lookups
      • Flexfields and Value Sets
      • Flexfields


      • Using Formulas
      • Formulas for Absence Type Rules
      • Formulas for Accrual Plan Rules
      • Formulas for Qualification Plan Rules
      • Writing a Fast Formula Using Formula Text
      • Formula Performance Improvements
      • Formula Compilation Errors
      • Formula Execution Errors

      Eligibility Profiles

      • Eligibility Components
      • Derived Factors
      • Range of Scheduled Hours
      • Eligibility Profiles
      • Combining Eligibility Criteria or Creating Separate Profiles
      • Creating an Eligibility Profile

      Rate Definitions

      • Rate Definitions
      • Creating Rate Definitions


      • Define Elements, Balances, and Formulas
      • Elements: How They Work in Salary, Absence, Benefits, and Payroll

      Date Effectivity

      • Date-Effective Objects in Absence Management
      • Date Effectivity
      • Correcting Date-Effective Objects
      • Updating Date-Effective Objects

      Absence Plans

      • Absence Plan Types
      • Accrual Absence Plans
      • Qualification Absence Plans

      Absence Types, Reasons, and Categories

      • Absence Management Components
      • Absence Display and Processing Rules
      • Absence Start Date Validation Rule
      • Absence Late Notification Assessment Rule
      • Associating Concurrent Absence Plans with an Absence Type
      • Prioritizing Absence Plans for an Absence Type
      • Creating an Absence Type for Scheduling Vacation Time

        Oracle Cloud Talent Management

        Implementing Goal Management

        • Overview and Integrations
        • Define Worker Goal Setting
        • Social Networking with Goals
        • Using Development Goals in Talent Pools
        • Goals: How They Work with Profiles

        Descriptive Flexfields

        • Descriptive Flexfields for Oracle Fusion Goal Management

        Profile Options

        • Oracle Fusion Goal Management Profile Options


        • Oracle Fusion Goal Management Lookups

        Date Format for Goals

        • Changing the Date Format Used for Goals

        Goal Management Integrity Validations

        • Oracle Fusion Goal Management Data Diagnostic Test

        Spreadsheets for Uploading Goals

        • Uploading and Updating Worker Goals Using a Spreadsheet
        • Using the Worker Goals Update Worksheet
        • Uploading and Assigning Organization Goals Using a Spreadsheet
        • Using the Organization Goal Assignment Worksheet
        • Using the Organization Goals Upload Worksheet

        Mass Assignment of Goals

        • Mass Assignment of Goals
        • Creating a Request for Mass Assignment of Goals

        Eligibility Profiles

        • Using Eligibility Profiles for Goals Assignment

        Goal Plans

        • Creating Goal Plans
        • Adding and Removing Goals in a Goal Plan

        Implementing Performance Management

        • Overview and Integrations
        • Define Worker Performance
        • Performance Document Component
        • Performance Documents- Profiles and Goals


        • Questionnaire Templates
        • Questionnaire Question and Response Types
        • Creating a Questionnaire
        • Using Questionnaires in Performance Documents

        Descriptive Flexfields

        • Descriptive Flexfields for Oracle Fusion Performance Management

        Performance Roles

        • Performance Roles
        • Participant Feedback

        Matrix Management

        • Using Matrix Management with Performance Evaluations
        • Configuring Matrix Management for Performance Documents

        Eligibility Profiles

        • Using Eligibility Profiles with Performance Documents
        • Using Eligibility Profiles with Performance Documents
        • Eligibility Profiles and Performance Analytics

        Eligibility Batch Process

        • Performance Document Eligibility Batch Process

        Performance Process Flows

        • Performance Process Flow Setup
        • Performance Process Flows
        • Concurrent Worker Evaluation Tasks
        • Participant Feedback Task Options
        • Configuring Performance Documents to Display Performance Ratings to Workers
        • Performance Document Completion Status
        • Performance Document Approvals

        Performance Template Sections

        • Performance Template Section: Critical Choices
        • Performance Template Section Calculation Rules
        • Item Processing in a Performance Template Section

        Performance Ratings Using the Average Method

        • Performance Ratings Using the Sum and Band Methods
        • Writing Assistant
        • Uploading Writing Assistant Data Using a Spreadsheet
        • Setting Up Writing Assistant for Performance Documents
        • Creating a Profile Content Performance Template Section
        • Creating a Goals Performance Template Section

        Performance Templates

        • Setting Up the Performance Template
        • Defining Processing Roles for Performance Template Sections
        • Calculated Ratings
        • Setting Up Calculated Ratings in a Performance Template
        • Associating Eligibility Profiles with Performance Templates

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