ORACLE FUSION SOA Administration

Pre Requisite : Knowledge of Weblogic Administration

Describe the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Architecture
• Discuss Service Component Architecture (SCA)
• Discuss Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
• Install Oracle SOA Suite 11g
• Deploy SOA Composite Applications
• Backing up and recovering Oracle SOA Suite 11g
• Overview of high availability with Oracle SOA Suite 11g
• Configure Security Policies for SOA Composite applications
• Configure and Administer Oracle SOA Suite 11g and its components
• Monitor, troubleshoot, and tune Oracle SOA Suite 11g components

Introducing SOA and Oracle SOA Suite 11g
• Describing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts
• Introducing Service Component Architecture (SCA) Composite Applications
• Describing Oracle SOA Suite 11g Architecture and Components
• Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Tools

Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11gSOA
• Creating SOA Schemas with the Repository Creation Utility
• Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g
• Configuring an Oracle WebLogic Domain with SOA Suite 11g Components
• Exploring Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console

Managing SOA Composite Applications
• Describing Composite Application Structure and Dependencies
• Deploying Composite Applications
• Testing and Monitoring Composite Applications
• Managing Composite Application Life Cycle

Administering the SOA Infrastructure
• Configuring Oracle SOA Suite 11g SOA Infrastructure Properties
• Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Run-time Information

Administering Oracle JCA Adapters and Binding Components
• Describing JCA Adapters and Binding Components
• Configuring JCA Adapter Properties
• Configuring File, Database, and JMS JCA Adapter Run-time Resources
• Monitoring JCA Adapter Instances and Faults

Administering BPEL Process Service Components and Engines
• Describing BPEL Components and Service Engine
• Configuring BPEL Service Engine Properties
• Tracking Messages in a Composite Application With a BPEL Process
• Monitoring BPEL Process Component Instances
• Managing BPEL Process Component Instances and Faults

Administering Oracle Mediator Service Components and Engines
• Describing Mediator Components and Service Engines
• Configuring Mediator Service Engine Properties
• Monitoring Mediator Component Instances and Routing Iinformation
• Managing Mediator Faults

Administering Decision Service Components and Business Rules Service Engines
• Describing Decision Services and Business Rules Service Engines
• Monitoring Business Rules Service Engine Instances and Faults

Administering Oracle User Messaging Service
• Describing User Messaging Service (UMS) Architecture and Components
• Configuring UMS for Human Workflow and BPEL Process Components
• Configuring Oracle WebLogic Server Embedded LDAP Server
• Configuring the Email Messaging Driver
• Testing UMS Services

Administering Human Task Service Components and Human Workflow Service Engines
• Describing Human Workflow Components and Service Engine
• Configuring the Human Workflow Services
• Configuring Human Workflow Task Service Properties
• Exploring the Worklist Application for Task ManagementApplication
• Describing User Messaging PreferencesPreferences

Administering Oracle BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
• Describing BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
• Configuring BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
• Monitoring Oracle BPMN Process Service Components and Engines

Administering Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
• Describing Oracle BAM Components and Architecture
• Configuring the Oracle BAM Adapter
• Configuring Oracle BAM Server Properties
• Managing Oracle BAM Users and Distribution Lists
• Monitoring BAM Activity and Components

Administering Oracle B2B
• Describing the B2B Components and Concepts
• Describing the B2B Console and Administration Tasks
• Configuring a B2B Inplementation
• Testing a B2B Implementation
• Monitoring B2B Messages in Oracle B2B Console

Administering Business Events
• Describing Business Events
• Describing the Event Delivery Network Architecture
• Managing Business Event Subscriptions
• Monitoring Business Event Occurences

Configuring Security Services and Policies
• Describing Oracle Web Services Manager Functionality
• Describing Web Service Security Concepts
• Creating a Simple Web Service Security Policy
• Securing a Service Endpoint with the Security Policy
• Monitoring Web Service Security Violations

Tuning Performance of Oracle SOA Suite and Components
• Implementing Best Practice Starting and Stopping Managed Servers
• Extending SOA Database Tablespaces
• Managing connection thresholds
• Optimizing Loading of Enterprise Manager Metric Page Information
• Purging data from Dehydration Store

Troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite
• Resolving Managed Server Startup Problems
• Managing Connection Timeouts
• Identifying Log Files
• Configuring Log Levels
• Viewing Log File Entries
• Identifying and Resolving Common Application Problems

Configuring High Availability for Oracle SOA Suite
• Describing Types of High Availability Options
• Describing High Availability Implementations

Backing Up and Recovery of Oracle SOA Suite Instances
• Adopting a Backup and Recovery Strategy
• Backing Up Oracle Fusion Middleware Environments
• Backing Up the SOA Database Schemas
• Recovering Oracel Fusion Middleware Environments
• Recovering SOA Database Schemas


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