Oracle Hyperion Essbase

Topic 1: Essbase Overview

Introduction to Hyperion Essbase
What is the requirement of Essbase?
History of Essbase
Hyperion Essbase Architecture
Hyperion Essbase Versions
Hyperion Essbase Clients
Essbase Thin Client (EAS)
Essbase Thick Client (EAS)
Essbase Interaction Services-Introduction
Essbase Studio-Introduction
Excel Add-In (Spread Sheet Services)
Smart View

Topic 2: Essbase Application Type
BSO Application
Business Requirement of BSO App
ASO Application
Business Requirement of ASO App

Topic 3: Essbase Outline Terminology
Data/Meta Data Explanation
What is Essbase Outline?

Topic 4: Dimensions and Dimension Types
What is Dimension?
Standard Dimension
Dense Dimension
Sparse Dimension
Account type Dimension
Time type Dimension and DTS, TP Properties
Currency Type Dimension
Country Type Dimension

Topic 5: Attribute Dimension
What is the need of Attribute Dimension?
Topic 6: Alias and UDA Creation
What is the requirement of Alias and UDA's?
Topic 7: Member Properties and Dimension Properties
Data Storage Properties
Consolidation Properties

Topic 8: Outline building methods
Generation Reference
Level Reference
Parent/Child Reference

Topic 9: Data Loading Process
Data loading using flat files (.txt & .csv)
Data loading using SQL
Free Form Loading

Topic 10: Essbase Calculation Process
Hierarchical Calculation
Calculation Script
Essbase Calculation Order
Two-Pass Calculation
Intelligent Calculation

Topic 11: Dense and Sparse restructure
Implicit Restructure
Outline Restructure
Dense Restructure
Sparse Restructure
Explicit Restructure
Topic 12: Report Script
Report Script

Topic 13: Essbase Partitions
What is the requirement of Partitions?
Partition Types
Replicated Partition
Transparent Partition
Linked Partition

Topic 14: Essbase Optimization Techniques
Outline Optimization
Data load Optimization
Calculation Script Optimization
Database Optimization (Data Cache, Data File Cache, Index Cache, Dynamic Cache,
Dynamic Calculator Cache)

Topic 15: Essbase MaxL and ESSCMD
Automation of Essbase Jobs using ESSCMD Scripting
Automation of Essbase Jobs using MaxL Scripting
Topic 16: Essbase Analytics VS Enterprise Analytics
BSO Advantages and Disadvantages
ASO Advantages and Disadvantages

Topic 17: Security implementation
Security Type
EAS Security
Shared Service Security
Creation of Users
Creation of Groups
Creation of Essbase Filters
Assigning users to groups
Creation of Essbase Filters
Assigning filters to groups

Topic 18: Introduction to Essbase EPMA App
Introduction to dimension library
Introduction to application library

Topic 19: Essbase Migration/Backups

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