Oracle Hyperion Planning

Topic 1: Planning Overview

Introduction to Hyperion Planning
Hyperion Planning Architecture
Hyperion Planning Versions
Hyperion Planning Clients
Desktop Client
Planning Web Client
Smart View
Topic 2: Planning Application Creation Process
Pre-requisites for Planning App Creation
Oracle Schema Creation
Data Source Creation
Planning Application Settings

Topic 3: Basic Terminology of Planning (Essbase Outline Terminology)
Data/Meta Data Explanation
What is Essbase Outline?

Topic 4: Overview of Planning Dimensions
Default Planning Dimensions
Custom Dimensions

Topic 5: Member Properties and Dimension Properties
Consolidation Properties
Data Storage Properties
Topic 6: Hierarchies Building (Manual Process)
Adding Dimensions
Adding Members
Defining Attribute Dimensions
Topic 7: Hierarchies Building (Outline Load Utility)
Planning Metadata Load Process
Loading Metadata for Attribute Dimensions
Automation Process of Planning Metadata Load

Topic 8: Planning Web Forms Creation
Simple Planning Web Forms
Complex Planning Web Forms
FormDef Utility Usage

Topic 9: Planning Smart List Creation
Smart List Creation
Requirement of Smart List
Smart List Utility Usage

Topic 10: Planning Business Rules/Calc Mgr Rules Creation
Business Rules Creation
Runtime Prompts
Adding Business Rules to WebForms

Topic 11: Planning Task List Creation
Task List Creation
Requirement of Smart List

Topic 12: Planning Process Management/Work Flow
Planning Unit
Process Management

Topic 13: Data Load Process
Plan Values submission using Web Forms
Data loading using Flat Files
Data loading using SQL
Free Form Loading
Topic 14: Planning Calculation Process
Hierarchical Calculation
Business Rules/Calc Mgr Rules/Calc Scripts
Free Form Loading

Topic 15: Smart View
Shared or Common Connection
Independent Connection
Smart View Usage
Topic 16: Planning Security (Shared Services)
Introduction to Shared Services
Groups Creation
Users Creation
Requirement of Groups
Provisioning Groups
Dimensional Security
Business Rules Security
Web Forms Security
Task List Security
Security Provision Reports

Topic 17: Planning Application Migration Process
Migration of App from DEV to QA/PROD
Manual Migration Process
LCM Migration Process
Schema Migration Process

Topic 18: Introduction to EPMA Planning App
Introduction to Dimension Library
Introduction to Application Library

Topic 19: Planning Application Backup Process
LCM Backup
Oracle Schema Backup
Data Backup
Planning Artefacts Backup

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