1. Qlikview Overview

  • Qlikview Intro
  • Traditional BI tools vs Qlikview
  • In-Memory technology
  • Architecture of Qlikview
  • Social media analytics
  • Collaboration

2. Creating the First Qlikview Document

  • How to install Qlikview desktop
  • What are types of desktop - Machine wise
  • Back end scritping window
  • Front end UI window and shortcuts

3. Qlikview Scripting

  • ODBC/OLEDB connection details
  • How to connect to flat files
  • Need of datawarehouse and ETL tools
  • Joins and keep
  • Types of joins and Keep
  • Concatenation
  • incremental load concept in Qlikview
  • Webfile connection
  • Variable creation
  • Cross table
  • Relative and absolute path

4. Qlikview Functions

  • Call function and procedure
  • Connect and disconnect
  • Drop fields and tables
  • Creation of QVDs
  • Execute
  • First and top select
  • Debug option
  • Animate option

5. Qlikview Sheet and Objects

  • 13 types of chart
  • Best practices of usage of charts
  • Tabular reports
  • Multidimensional charts and objects
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Extensions and its usage
  • Linked objects

6. BookMarks and Alerts

  • Creation of bookmark
  • Use of bookmark option
  • Export and import of bookmark
  • Creation of alerts
  • Need of alerts
  • Macros

7. Set Analysis Overview

  • What is set analysis and its usage
  • Set
  • Modifier
  • Practical uses
  • Complex set analysis using Union, intersection
  • Probability usage in set analysis

8. Qlikview Server and Document manager

  • Types of server
  • Server configuration
  • Installation
  • screenshots of server
  • Role of admin
  • Services in Qlikview server
  • Publisher and its usage

9. QlikView-Licensing-Overview

  • Types of License - types of server
  • What is cal and its usage
  • What is cost of each license
  • Scenarios of which license to be used for projects
  • Effective and best practices of license usage

10. Big data analytics using Qlikview

  • Connecting facebook
  • Sentimental analysis - overview
  • Overview of connecting to twitter
  • Linkedin analytics using qlikview

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