Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation  - RPA AA

Pre-requisites of this course?
There are no particular prerequisites like programming knowledge etc to take up this RPA . The audience who are subject matter expertise will be added an advantage to kick-start career in this field.

Who can attend RPA Training Sessions ?
The intended audience who wants to make a career in robotics must surely take RPA Training which is considered as the next big thing in the IT world. The audience who wants to make a career to automate the business process by using various RPA tools can easily lay successful career path.

  1. Business Process Employees
  2. Analysts
  3. End Users
  4. IT Professionals
  5. Job Seekers
  6. Administrators
  7. Flowchart Designers


Automation Anywhere Course Content

Introduction Robotic Process Automation

  1. Overview of robotic process automation
  2. History of robotic process automation
  3. Types of robotic process automation and there importance
  4. Need of robotic process automation in the market
  5. Utilities of IT Industry robotic process automation
  6. Aim of robotic process automation
  7. Where robotic process automation use in IT industry
  8. Robotic process automation tool checklist and there types
  9. Robotic process automation Types tool
  10. Project flow robotic process automation
  11. Types of RPA project models
  12. RPA project domain and features


Automation anywhere

Introduction Automation anywhere
Architecture of automation anywhere and versions
Understanding the features and benefits
Automation anywhere requirements
Automation anywhere components

  1.     Client
  2.     Control room

Use of client components
Use of Control room components


  1. How to use of client components
  2. What are the client tool bar options and use?
  3. Authentication of client and control room
  4. Understanding the Features and Benefits
  5. Verifying Automation Anywhere System Requirements
  6. Creating a Task Using the Task Editor
  7. Anywhere Monitor
  8. Preparing and Installing the Automation Anywhere
  9. Privacy and Security
  10. Getting Started with the Automation Anywhere Client
  • Types of Variables
  • Recording an Automation Task
  • Recording, Editing and Running Tasks
  • Adding Properties to a Task
  • Using Special Keys
  • Creating an Automation Task
  • Recording Web Actions with Web Recorder
  • Extracting Data from Websites
  • Extracting Regular Web Data
  • Extracting Pattern
  • Based Data
  • Extracting Table Data
  • Standard Recorder
  • Object Recorder
  • Task List&Setting Task Properties
  • Viewing and Setting General Properties
  • Setting up Hotkeys for a Task
  • Setting Security Features for a Task
  1. Scheduling Tasks to Run
  2. Adding Triggers to a Task
  3. Deploying Tasks to Run Remotely
  4. Debugging Tasks
  5. Using Filters in the
  6. Task Editor


Functions and Commands:

  1. Key Strokes and Mouse Operations
  2. Insert key Stroke
  3. Insert Mouse Click
  4. Insert Mouse Move
  5. Insert Mouse Scroll
  6. Active Directory
  7. Citric Automation
  8. Clickboard
  9. Database
  10. Delay
  11. Email Operations
  12. Error Handling
  13. Excel Operations
  14. File and Folder Handlings
  15. If condition
  16. Image Recognition
  17. Launch Websites
  18. Log Files
  19. Loop Commands
  20. Manager Window Controllers
  21. Message Box
  22. OCR
  23. Object Cloning
  24. Pdf Integration
  25. Run Scripts
  26. Calling Scripts and Capturing Outputs
  27. Screen Capture
  28. Server Integrations
  29. String Operations
  30. System Commands
  31. Dos Commands
  32. Kernel Automations
  33. Variable Commands
  34. Wait Commands
  35. Delay Commands
  36. Web Action/Recording Web Services
  37. Window Actions
  38. XML Operations
  39. Control Room
  40. Control Room Settings and Operations
  41. Operations of Control Room Automation Anywhere
  42. How to Create Users in Control Room
  43. Operations of Control Room
  44. Roles and Responsibilites of Control Room
  45. How to Deployment of Task in Control Room
  46. Creation of Repository Managers
  47. How to implementing Repository Managers
  48. Importance of Dashboards
  49. How to Promotion the Dashboard
  50. What is a Operation Room
  51. User Management Areas, How to Authenticate of Users
  52. User Management Activations and Deactivations
  53. Audit Trail
  54. Importance of Audit Trail
  55. How to Export the CSV Files Audit Trail Information
  56. Scheduling Tasks and Operations
  57. Securities
  58. Creation of Roles and Permissions
  59. Authentication of Admins etc..
  60. Client ( How many Clients access in the Control Room)
  61. How to export the CSV Information
  62. Credential Managers
  63. How to add Credentials
  64. App Management Roles and Responsibilities

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