On boarding and introduction to ABAP HANA


  • SAP HANA Ambitions
  • Hardware Technology innovations
  • SAP Software Technology innovations
  • SAP HANA Goals
  • Evolution of ABAP for SAP HANA
  • Possible Type of SAP HANA Based Applications
  • Highlights of SAP Netweaver Application server ABAP 7.4

What we need to know

  • Row store
  • Column store
  • When to use columnar storage
  • When to use row storage
  • Demo
  • Column store dictionary compression

Code to data Paradigm

  • Implications of an in memory data base
  • Over view code to data capabilities
  • Performance improvement vs code adjustments

Your Development Tools

  • System Demo to write “Hello World”
  • Short cuts

Existing code is still valid

  • Migration to SAP HANA
  • Code Continuity
  • Mandatory Adaptations
  • ABAP Test cockpit
  • Runtime check Monitor

SQL Footprints in your productive System

  • Example of productive ERP System
  • SQL Monitor
  • Architecture
  • Administration of the SQL Monitor
  • Analysis of SQL Monitor Data
  • Demo

Guided Performance Analysis

  • Combination of code check results
  • SQL Performance Tuning Work list demo
  • Recommended procedure

Optimized ALV and Other Improvements

  • Transparent Optimization
  • ALV Integrated Data Access demo
  • ALV integrated data access
  • Search help
  • Demo on search help

Recent Open SQL Enhancements

  • EPM
  • What is Open SQL
  • Demo
  • What’s new in Open SQL
  • Literal Value and generic existence check
  • Expressions
  • Demo
  • Conditional Expression
  • Expressions in Group by having clauses
  • Automatic client handling

Core Data Services

  • Introduction to CDS services
  • CDS in ABAP
  • Demo
  • Simple CDS View and Open SQL Consumption
  • CDS views vs. Open SQL

Core Data Services : View Definition

  • Demo
  • Projection list
  • View-on-view concept
  • CDS View Extensions
  • CDS view with input parameters

Core Data Services : Associations

  • Demo
  • UNION & UNION ALL Statements
  • Join statements
  • Simple association
  • Association types
  • Filter associations

Native SAP HANA Using in ABAP

  • ADBC
  • DEMO
  • ABAP Database Connectivity : Typical code
  • Native SQL Pitfalls
  • Consumption of an SAP HANA Database procedure with ADBC
  • Consumption of an ABAP Managed Database Procedure

ABAP Managed DBMS      

  • Introduction of AMDPs
  • Demo
  • Class definition
  • Class implementation
  • Consumption and artifact creation
  • Exception Handling
  • AMDP Exception Hierarchy

Domain Specific Usage of CDS

  • CDS Annotation Concept
  • Demo
  • Consumption of CDS View in SAP Gateway
  • Demo

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