SAP CRM CR100 - Base Customization
1. SAP CRM Functional and Technical Overview

2. SAP CRM Middleware Over View

3. Master Data

a. SAP Business Partners - (Account & Contact Management)
i. BP Categories
ii. BP Business Roles
iii. BP Relationships
iv. BP Number Ranges
v. BP Marketing Attributes
vi. BP Mandatory Fields per BP Role
vii. BP Data Sets per BP Role (General, Relationship and Sales Area)
viii. BP Enhancements
ix. BP Partner Determination
x. BP Hierarchies
xi. Data Migration – SAP & non-SAP Systems

b. SAP Organization Management
i. Organizational Model
1. Types of Organization Model
2. Org. Unit creation specific to each business scenario (Marketing, Sales, Services)
3. Org. Unit attributes
4. Mapping with SAP R/3 (ECC) Sales Org
ii. Positions
1. Position creation
2. Teams creation and linking the sub-ordinates (eg: Sales team creation with Sales Manager and Sales Reps)
3. Assignment of the BP (Employee – User)
4. Enhancement of the Position with Business Role
iii. Organization data determination (Responsibilities and Attributes)

c. SAP Territory Management -
i. Territory Model
1. Territory Hierarchy levels
2. Territory creation
3. Assignment of the Employees or BPs
ii. Territory determination based on the territory area attributes

d. Products (Product Master)
i. Product Categories
ii. Attributes, Set Types, Categories, Hierarchies
iii. Product creation
iv. Ibase and Items
v. SAP CRM Limitation
vi. Data Migration – SAP & non-SAP Systems

e. Pricing
i. Condition Records
ii. Condition Table
iii. Access Sequence
iv. Condition Type
v. Pricing Procedures

f. Transactions
i. Overview
ii. Transaction Types
iii. Copy Control

g. Activity Management
i. Overview
ii. Transaction Types

h. Actions
i. Overview

i. Overview
ii. Personalization, Hide and unhide assignment blocks, fields and pages
iii. Navigation Bar Profile – Work Centers, Logical Links, 1st & 2nd Level Navigations, Hide and unhide logical links, Business Roles etc.,
iv. AET – Custom Fields

SAP CRM CR600 – Marketing
1. External List Management
a. File Format
b. Activate Workflow
c. BADI Activation
d. Define Origin and List Type
e. Mapping Format
f. Externalist Creation

2. Marketing Planning & Campaign Management
a. Market Plans & Campaigns
b. Campaign Management
i. Campaign Automation
ii. Manual Campaigns

3. Working with Campaigns
a. Marketing Calendar
b. Maintain Campaigns
c. Campaign Channels & Campaign Execution
d. Personalized Email
e. ERMS - Bounce Management

4. Segmentation

a. Marketing Attributes – Data Sources & Attribute Lists
b. Segmentation using Segment Builder
c. Table Joining’s for Segmentation

5. Leads Management
a. Leads Management
b. Leads Qualification
c. Status Management

SAP CRM CR700 – Sales Overview with Examples:

1. Opportunity Management

2. Quotation Management

3. Sales Order Management

4. Sales Contracts

SAP CRM CR800 – Services – Overview with Examples
1. Services Overview
a. Services Architecture

2. Installed Base Management and Object
a. Installed Base Management
b. Objects

3. Service Agreements and Service Contracts
a. Service Agreements
b. Service Contracts

4. Service Order
a. Service Order
b. Resource Planning
c. Service Confirmation

5. Complaints & Returns

a. Complaints and Returns Processing
b. Complaints and Returns Customizing

6. Warranty Claims

a. Warranty Claims Processing

SAP CRM CR500 – Middleware – Overview with Examples:
1. Architecture & System Land Scape
a. Technical Architecture
b. System Land Scape

2. SAP CRM Middleware
b. BDOCs
c. Monitoring
d. Error Handling
e. R/3 – ECC mappings

3. Data Migration

a. ETL (Extra, Transform and Load)
b. Data De-duplication
c. Data Harmonization
d. Data Auditing
e. SAP Systems & Non-SAP Systems

SAP CRM WEB UI and IC Web Client Set Up
1. Business Roles
a. Business Role
b. Navigation Bar Profile
c. Work Centers
d. Logical Links

2. Transaction Launcher
a. External URL Links
b. Internal SAP Transaction Codes

3. Interaction Centre Administration
a. Call List Administration
b. Call List Scripting

4. Alerts Management
a. Rule Modeler
b. Rule Policies



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