Module 1-Getting started with Talend

• Working of Talend
• Introduction to Talend Open Studio and its Usability
• What is Meta Data?
Module 2-Jobs
• Creating a new Job
• Concept and creation of Delimited file
• Using Meta Data and its Significance
• What is propagation?
• Data integration schema
• Creating Jobs using t-filter row and string filter
• Input delimation file creation
Module 3-Overview of Schema and Aggregation
• Job design and its features
• What is a T map?
• Data Aggregation
• Introduction to triplicate and its Working
• Significance and working of tlog
• T map and its properties
Module 4-Connectivity with DataSource
• Extracting data from the source
• Source and Target in Database (MySQL)
• Creating a connection
• Importing Schema or Metadata
Module 5- Getting started with Routines/Functions
• Calling and using Functions
• What are Routines?
• Use of XML file in Talend
• Working of Format data functions
• What is type casting?
Module 6- Data Transformation
• Defining Context variable
• Learning Parameterization in ETL
• Writing an example using trow generator
• Define and Implement Sorting
• What is Aggregator?
• Using t flow for publishing data
• Running Job in a loop
--- Advanced Topics ---
Lesson 1 - Connecting to a remote repository
• Overview
• Creating a remote connection
• Wrap up
Lesson 2 - Using SVN branches
• Overview
• Copying a Job in a branch
• Comparing Jobs
• Wrap up
Lesson 3 - Running a Job remotely
• Overview
• Creating and running a Job Remotely
• Challenge
• Wrap up
Lesson 4 - Monitoring Job Activity
• Overview
• Configuring statistics and logging
• Using Activity Monitoring Console
• Challenge
• Wrap up
Lesson 5 - Change Data Capture
• Overview
• Examining the databases
• Configuring Change Data Capture
• Monitoring changes
• Updating repository
• Challenge
• Wrap up
Lesson 6 - Using parallel execution
• Overview
• Writing large files
• Writing to databases
• Partitioning
• Automatic Parallelization
• Wrap up
Lesson 7 - Joblet
• Overview
• Joblet creation from an existing Job
• Joblet creation from scratch
• Triggered Joblet
• Writing to databases
• Wrap up

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