Team Foundation Server

TFS features

  • Team collaboration
  • Task and Process templates
  • Version management
  • Gated builds and Automated builds
  • Testing

TFS Installation and Configuration

  • Steps for TFS installation
  • Using administrative console
  • Managing project security and group membership

Adding and Securing TFS projects

  • Managing security groups
  • Managing users, teams and projects
  • Configuring alerts for various stakeholders

Creating projects in TFS

  • Specifying source control
  • Customizing process templates

Mapping TFS and Agile process terms

  • Defining user stories as TFS work items
  • Managing user stories
  • Estimating User stories and work items
  • Breaking user stories items into tasks

Organizing backlogs

  • Scheduling start and end dates for releases and sprints
  • Classifying work items to iterations
  • Assign work items to team members
  • Updating work items
  • Monitoring team progress

Source code and Base line code management and version management

  • Selecting centralized vs. distributed version control
  • Synchronizing local repositories with the master repository
  • Viewing project history with change sets

Connecting to TFS from Visual Studio Team Explorer

  • Checking out and checking in source code
  • Merging change sets from multiple developers
  • Branching for release management and maintenance
  • Resolving multi-user conflicts
  • Adding existing code to TFS source control

Build and release management

  • Defining and scheduling builds
  • Managing releases and deployments
  • Controlling build output
  • Configure build notifications


  • Creating TFS test scripts for manual testing
  • Creating unit test cases
  • Creating defects and bugs
  • Managing defect/bug lifecycle

Team progress monitoring and querying TFS content

  • Querying and defining iteration backlogs
  • Visualizing work-in-progress with burn down charts

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