TIBCO Business Works

EAI Concepts
• What is EAI
• Why EAI
• How Business works using EAI

• TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA)
• How TIBCO supports EAI

TIBCO Business Works(5.5)
• Concepts of Business Works
• Working with Palletes with complex Transformations
• File Pallete
• XML Pallete
• Parse Pallete
• HTTP Pallete
• HTTP Pallete
• JDBC Pallete
• Adapter Pallete
• General Configuration Pallete
• JMS Pallete
• SOAP,WSDL Pallete
• Java Pallete
• Transaction Pallete
• Service Pallete

• Concepts of Enterprise Messaging System(EMI)
• Topics/Queues
• Bridging Topics/Queues
• Persistence/Non-Persistence
• Durable/Non-Durable
• Creation of Topics/Queues, generating privileges, etc…

• Concept of RV(Messaging Infrastructure)
• Types of Massaging
• Reliable
• Certified
• Fault Tolerance
• Distributed Queues
• Publish/Subscribe, Point-to-Point, Multicast Massaging
• Virtual Circuits
• Rendezvous Demon(rvd)
• Rendezvous routing Demon(rvrd)
• Rendezvous Agent(rva)

• Adapter Concept
• File Adapter
• ADB Adapter Integrating Oracle,DB2,Sybase
• MQ Series Adapter Sending and Receiving Cobol Copy Books
• SAP R/3 Adapter. Exposing SAP as Web Service
• ORA apps Adapter
• People Soft Adapter


  • Resource Management
  • Creation of Domain
  • How to add a machine in a Domain
  • How to grant roles to the user
  • How to add a secondary server into a Domain
  • How to add EMS server into a Domain
  • How to enable HTTPS
  • Application Management
  • How to Deploy EAR file
  • How to start/stop the process
  • How to enable HAWK in administration


  • What is Hawk
  • How to configure Hawk
  • How to create Rule base in Hawk
  • How to monitor the process, Operating Systems

Over View:

  • B2B Integration(Business Connect)
  • TIBCO iProcess(10.5)(Oracle 10g)


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