WebSphere Application Server Administration

Application Server Overview

Need for application servers
WAS management features
WAS flavours
WAS Topologies
WAS 8.0 new features

Module 1 – Install & Uninstall
Installation planning
Product installation in GUI and silent mode
Profile creation in GUI and silent mode
Uninstalling product in GUI and silent mode

Module 2 – Logs and Configuration
Understanding product directory structure
Various log files written by WAS
Configuring WAS classloaders

Module 3 – IBM HTTP Server & WAS Plug-in
Installing IHS and WebSphere Plug-in
Creating Web server definition
Plug-in generation and propagation

Module 4 – Cluster Configuration and Management
Basic terminology
Federating nodes into DMGR cell
Vertical and Horizontal clustering
Node synchronization
Assigning weights to cluster members
Cluster level operations

Module 5 – JDBC
JDBC providers
Creating data source & testing connection
Connection pool settings

Module 6 – JMS
Why JMS?
Messaging models
JMS – administered objects
WAS JMS – High level picture
Service Integration Bus
File store and Data store
WebSphere MQ messaging
WebSphere MQ Link

Module 7 – Application Deployment
Understanding virtual hosts
Deployment – High level picture
Application targets
Deployment using admin console
Monitored directory deployment

Module 8 – Administrative Scripting
Using ws_ant
Introduction to Jython
How wsadmin works?
Profile scripts
The file
Using command assistance
Property file based configuration management

Module 9 – Job Manager
Creating Job Manager Profile
Registering DMGR and base nodes to Job Manager
Creating and scheduling jobs for execution

Module 10 – SSL
SSL Concepts
Configure SSL between IHS and WAS
The ikeyman tool
Inbound SSL
SSL Configuration object
Outbound SSL
Monitoring Certificate Expiry

Module 11 – Monitoring and Tuning
Analyzing Thread Dumps
Analyzing Heap Dumps
Dump Agents
JVM Tuning
Analyzing GC log messages using GCMV
Performance monitoring infrastructure (PMI)

Module 12 – High availability
Understanding session affinity
Deploying applications in a cluster
Clustering and JMS
Clustering and JDBC
Clustering and EJB requests
Understand Session replication & persistence

Module 13 – Administrative Agent
Creating administrative agent profile
Registering & Deregistering application server nodes
Working with administrative agent console

Module 14 – Security
Introduction to WAS security
User, Group and Role
Authentication and Authorization
Securing different types of applications

Module 15 – Security Auditing
Configure security auditing
Signing audit records
Encrypting audit records

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