CA Siteminder

CA Siteminder

Pre Requisite to learn this technology =  Basic knowledge on UNIX commands

Course Content :


  • Introduction to identity and access management and competitive products in the market.
  • Siteminder overview components involved
  • Siteminder request flow


Pre-requisites for installing the policy server

Installing IIS web server

Installing and configuration of Sun LDAP directory server

Installing the policy server

Installing the Web agent

Web agent configuration

Understanding of web server

Working with Siteminder

Siteminder Management console

Discussion on System objects

  • gents and Agent Groups
  • Agent conf Objects
  • Host Conf Objects
  • Trusted Hosts
  • User Directories
  • Domain
  • Administrators
  • Authentication Schemes
  • Password Polices

Discussion on Domain Object

  • Domains
  • Realms
  • Rules / Rule Groups
  • Response / Response Groups
  • Policies
  • Global Polices
  • Creating the policies and URL protection
  • Discussing more on System Objects
  • Understanding the Siteminder and Web agent logs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Starting and Stopping the servers
  • Single Sign on ( SSO)
  • Cross Domain SSO ( Single Sign Between different Domain) - Lab Session
  • Understanding of the Keys used in the system
  • WinSSO – Sony system
  • Password Policies – Sony System
  • Making use of 3 rd party tools
  • HTTPWatch
  • LDAP Browser

Explaining the longs

1. Siteminder SMPS SMtrace and audit logs ( SMAccess)

2. Webagent and WA trace logs

3. Eventvwr logs

4. Webserver logs

  • Siteminder and webagent upgrade
  • Tie difference between WA and PS
  • Host Re-registration
  • Linux
  • Oneview monitor
  • Impersonation
  • Common error codes
  • Federation
  • Siteminder tools - Export and import the policy server object. Hanging the super user Migrating the
  • policy store
  • Password using the SMREG tool
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 91 9247765590
  • Remedy
  • Certificates
  • Agent configuration parameters
  • Reverse programme
  • Federation
  • Explaining the LDAP

Working with Assignments

  • CSS
  • Single and 2 factor authentication

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