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IBM Cognos 10 BI and 11 Analytics Course Content

Data Warehouse Basics 1

Introduction to DWH

Characteristics of DWH

Data Warehouse Concepts

Data mart Vs Data Warehouse

Data warehousing architecture



OLAP tools

Tactical info Vs Strategic info

Analytical Systems Vs Operational Systems

Data Warehouse Basics 2

Business Intelligence Concepts

ETL Concepts

Reporting Concepts

Industry leading ETL and Reporting tools

Define Fact, dimension and identifier

Star schema and Snowflake schema

Slowly changing dimension

Introduction to Cognos

About Cognos 10.1

Cognos Connection

Query Studio

Event Studio

Report Studio

Analysis Studio

Framework Manager

Cognos Architecture

3 – Tier Cognos 10.1 Architecture

Framework Manager - I

Introduction to Framework Manager

Objects to work with - Projects, Models, Query subjects, etc

Create a project

Import Metadata

Work with Metadata

Framework Manager - 2

Manage Projects

Work with dimensions

Modify properties of Query Items

Create a filter

Organize the model

Framework Manager -3

Creating Layers


Joining Query Subjects

Framework Manager -4

Different Types of Query Subjects

Differences between Model and Data source Query Subjects

Framework Manager -5

Users, Groups & Roles

Access Permissions

Different types of Framework Manager Securities

Framework Manager -6

Verify models

Create & modify packages

Access to metadata

Publish a package


Cognos Namespaces

Deployment Specs & Planning

Deploy Cognos Entries

Framework Manager -7

Different Types of Options to discuss

Interview Questions

Cognos Connection

Log on to Cognos Connection

Models and Packages

Create a URL Createa shortcut

Properties of an Entry

Search for an Entry

Bookmark an Entry

Personalize the portal

Scheduling and manage reports

Create Jobs

Query Studio-1


Features in Query Studio

About Ad-hoc Reports

Types of Report (List, Cross Tab, Chart Reports & Others)

Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations

Sorting, Grouping, Sections & Aggregate Functions

Query Studio-2

Apply page break on Reports

Run and Manage reports

Define custom group

Conditional formatting

Expand and Collapse groups

Apply Swap and Rows on Reports

Introduction to Report Studio

Basic Report Structure

User Interface

Work with Objects Set options

Create a Report

Page Structure View

Reports Layout

Reuse objects

Set object properties

Data Containers

List Properties

Crosstab Properties

Chart Properties

Work with Data

Filter Data

Sort Data

Create Sections

Format Data

Header & Footer

Add a Summary

Create Calculations

Report Studio Prompts

Include Prompts

Prompts & Prompt Page

Insert prompts into the report

Different Types of Prompts

Prompt Properties

Report Studio Tool Box items-1

Repeater Table




Field Set



Report Studio Tool Box items-2

Layout Calculation

Query Calc


HTML item

Hyper Link

Page Number

Row Number

Advanced Reports:

Render Variable

Style Variable

Conditional blocks

Conditional Formats

Drill-through reports

Master-detail reports

Cognos 10.1 Active Reports-1

Introduction to Active reports

Key Features


Active Report structure

Row Number

Variable Text item

Deck & Data Deck objects

Cognos 10.1 Active Reports-2

Tab Control& Data Tab Control

Button Bar & Data Button Bar

Toggle Button Bar & Data Toggle Button Bar

Radio Button Group & Data Radio Button Group

Check Box Group & Data Check Box Group

Introduction to Event Studio

Basic event Studio structure

Working with different Tasks

Managing the Task execution rules

Reordering the tasks

Work with New calculation item

Running the event report

Introduction to Analysis Studio/Cubes

Introduction of analysis Studio

Dimensional Package

Insert Data

Context Filter

Analysis Studio concepts

Insert Data

Analyze data using Analysis Studio

Replace Data

Sort Data

Explore Data

IBM Cognos Administration

Brief about Cognos Installation and Configuration


IBM Cognos Administration

Migration or Deployment

Server maintenance

Overview of IBM Cognos 11 Analytics

Introduction to Cognos Analytics

New features in Cognos Analytics

Difference between cognos 10.x vs cognos 11.x

No more customized pages

‘Index Search’ decommissioned

New portal Interface


My Content

Team Content


Global Experience/ Customization

My Inbox

Watch Items

Legacy Studios


Steps to create dashboards

How to create/ add KPIs


Adding Visualizations to your view

Web Based Modeling

Data servers

Data modules

Data sets

Upload data files

Cognos 11 analytics Report studio


IBM Cognos Interview Questions

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