Managers play an important role in organizational decision making. To be effective in this role, Managers need to be enabled to conceive and execute business research using theoretical inputs on research methodology if the research is manageable at their level. Knowledge of SPSS is all the more important for interacting with Consultants should their help be needed for the organization. It is also necessary to enable managers on software like SPSS to facilitate statistical analysis of data to support the research. With this capability, managers would be able to handle many routine business research problems at their levels. This course aims at equipping you on these.



S.No Topic Detailed Syllabus
1 Introduction to SPSS Meaning & definition of Research – Relevance and significance of Research in business, Types of Research – Research problems – Features of a Good Research Study
2 Data Transforms Transforms variable, Filter, Select Cases, Merge files
3 Data Preparation Data Coding, Data Cleaning, Identification Outlier, Handling Missing Values (all using SPSS)
4 Introduction to SPSS SPSS Basics
5 Probability Random Generations & Distributions
6 Correlation Types and Scatter Diagram
7 Regression Simple, Multiple regression
8 Types of ANOVA Applications of one-way ANOVA & two-way as an analysis tool for complex experimental designs
9 Sampling Theory Types of Sampling
10 Multivariate Regression Logistic, Poisson, Negative Binomial
11   Discriminant Analysis – Basics, Rotation Methods involved in DA.
12 Cluster Analysis Cluster Analysis Basics and real life Examples
13 Multivariate Analysis Manova , Canonical correlation Analysis, Mancova,
14 Survival Analysis Types of Non parametric test in Survival and Cox proportional Hazard Rate Model
15 Time series Forecasting
16 Factor Analysis Factor Analysis – Basics with real life examples
17 Document Preparation Based on Reports preparation of Documentation
18 Backup Classes Doubts clarification for all Session

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