1. Performance Testing Introduction

Introduction to Performance Testing of Web applications
Technical Jargon -
Functional/Regression Testing
Load Testing
Business Process
Performance Testing Tools
Performance Testing requirements/needs
Performance Test Life Cycle
Performance Test Planning
Load Modeling
Bench marking performance criteria
Loading the test
Reports generation and Analysis
Bottlenecks identification
Recommendations and Implementation of the same


2. Jmeter Introduction

Introduction to Jmeter
JMeter installation
configuring classpath
Launching Jmeter Interface
Get to know Jmeter Features
Overview of Jmeter Test Elements
Create a basic Test Plan to test websites
Executing tests with different settings
Reading Results of Test Plan
Adding and Removing Elements
Loading and Saving Elements

3. Working with HTTP Proxy server

Recording steps on a website
Using HTTP Proxy server
Configuring the browser for recording the test script
Configuring Firefox Mozilla
Configuring Chrome
Configuring IE
Record and Playback on sample site

4. Thread Group

Detailed look at Elements of Test Plan
Thread Group Introduction
Thread group - control panel
Single Thread Group test
Multiple Thread Group test
setUp Thread Group
tearDown Thread Group
Test plan and Thread Group interaction
Custom Thread Groups
How to add external plugins for Jmeter
Stepping Thread Group
Ultimate thread group

5. Samplers

HTTP Request
FTP Request
JUnit Sampler
TCP Sampler
OS Process Sampler
JDBC Sampler
Test Action
Webservices Sampler
Debug Sampler

6. Logic Controllers

Once Only Controller
Random Controller
Random Order Controller
Loop Controller
Interleave Controller
Recording Controller
Simple Controller
Throughput Controller
Runtime Controller
IF Controller
While Controller
Switch Controller
Module Controller
Include Controller
For Each Controller
Transaction Controller

7. Pre and Post Processors

Pre and Post Processors
HTML link Parser
HTTP URL rewriting modifier
USer Parameters
Regular Expression Extractor
XPath Extractor
Result status handler
Debug Post Processor
Assertion results listener
HTTP Cookie Manager

8. Timers

Constant Timer
Gaussian Random Timer
Uniform Random Timer
Poisson Random Timer
Synchronizing Timer
Constant Throughtput Timer


9. Assertions

Why Assertions
Duration Assertion
Size Assertion
XML Assertion
XML Schema Assertion
HTML Assertion
Response Assertion
XPath Assertion
Compare Assertion


10. Configuration Elements

Config Elements Introduction
Random Variable
FTP Request Defaults
Login Config Element
HTTP Request Defaults
Java request Defaults
User Defined Variables - UDV
CSV Data Set Config
HTTP Authrization Manager
HTTP Cookie Manager


11. Listeners

Introduction to Listeners
Aggregate Report
Aggregate Graph
View Results Tree
View Results in Table
Summary Report
Simple Data Writer
Graph Results
Save Responses to file
Generate summary result
Response time graph
Monitor results
Spline Visualizer
Mailer Visualizer
Distribution Graph (Alpha)
Assertion Results
Comparision assertion results

12. Jmeter Functions

Custom Functions / User defined Functions

13. Bean Shell Scripting

Introduction to BeanShell Scripting
Setting upBeanShell
Eclipse IDE
BeanShell Scripting Syntax
BeanShell Samplers
BeanShell Pre-processor
BeanShell post-processor
BeanShell Assertion
BeanShell Timer
BeanShell Listener


14. BSF Scripting

Introduction to BSF
Setting up BSF
BSF Syntax
BSF -- JavaScript
BSF -- Groovy
BSF -- BeanShell


15. Testing Database with Jmeter

Database Testing with JMeter
Setting up jar files
JDBC with Oracle
Select Statement
Update Statement
Insert Statement
Delete Statement
Create Statement
Using parameterization


16. Testing Webservices with Jmeter

Introduction to Webservices
SOAP Message (Request & Response)
Test Plan for Webservice
WebService/SOAP Sampler
Freely exposed Webservice over Internet - Example
Set up Xampp and MySQL DB
Inhouse Retail Project - Example


17. Connecting the dots - Real time end to end scripting example

End to End Scenario


18. Jmeter in Non-GUI and Distributed Mode

Test Execution
Executing tests in Non Gui mode
Editing a test plan in a text/XML editor
Jmeter test results in Non-gui mode
GUI support to view reports
Aggregate Report - load jtl file
Executing tests in Distributed mode
Configure the nodes
Start the servers
Configuring Jmeter Properties File
Distributed execution from a GUI client
Distributed execution from a NON-GUI


19. Report Analysis and Monitoring Resources

Statistics available from JMeter
Average, Median, Deviation
Throughput, 90 Percentile
Server Monitoring using jmeter plugin
Resource Utilization Monitoring
Perfmon metric collector listener
ServerAgent batch file
Blazemeter Plugin
Server metrics such as CPU & Memory usage
Monitoring and analyzing CPU resources
Monitoring memory utilization
Driving JMeter tests with Ant


20. Best Practices

Best Practices Pointers


21. Testing Restful Webservices

Restful Webservices
REST based API
CRUD Operations from Jmeter
Sending Post Request from Jmeter
Sending JSON Payload
Asserting JSON Response

22. File download and upload

Uploading a file on server
File downloading from server

23. Selenium Jmeter Integration

Selenium WebDriver with Junit scripting
Integration with Jmeter

24. Connecting with MYSQL Database

JDBC MYSQL DB Connectivity

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