Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Course Content
Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Dynamics product Stack
• History of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Deployment types
• Comparison with other CRM’s in the Market
• XRM Framework
• Out of Box Features (OOB Concepts)
Sales Module
• Lead Management
• Opportunity Management
• Product Management
• Quotes, Orders and Invoices
• Goal Management
Marketing Module
• Marketing Lists
• Campaigns
• Sales Literature
• Quick Campaigns
Service Module
• Services
• Service Calendar
• Case Management
• Knowledge Base
• Contracts
Field Service Module – New module in Dynamics CRM 2016
Project Services Module – New module in Dynamics CRM 2016
Activity Feeds
Working with Dash Boards
• Creating and publishing Dashboards

Working with Reports
• Creating reports using reporting wizard
• Creating reports using SQL Server Data Tools
• Understanding the difference between Online and On-Premise reports
Process Driven UI
Accessing CRM from Outlook
Introduction to Social Listening
Administration, Settings & Configuration
Administration & Security
• Creating and managing Business Units, Users and Teams
• Privileges, Access Levels and Security Roles
• Positions & Hierarchies
• Creating and managing Security Roles
• Auto Numbering, Languages System Settings
• Auditing
Settings & Configuration
• Business Management
• Sites, Sales Territories, Facilities and Resource Groups
• Working with Multi Currency
• System Queues and Custom Queues
• Services and Business Closures
• Fiscal Year Settings
• Subjects
• Connections
• Data Management
• Duplication Detection Settings, Rules and Jobs
• Bulk Record Deletion
• Data Maps and Imports
• Product Catalog
• Understanding the Product Catalog
• Unit Groups
• Adding Products
• Creating Price Lists
• Creating Discount Lists

Workflows & Real Time Workflows
Business Process Flows
Business Rules
Basic and Advanced Customizations in
MS Dynamics CRM
MS CRM Entity Model
• Customization Concepts – Entity Types and Attributes
• Filtered Views
• Creating Custom Entities and Attributes
Entity Customization
• Form Customizations
• UI Customization Capabilities
• Form Customization – Working with Tabs,
Sections, Fields and Iframes
• Introduction to Application Event Programming
• Using Form and Field Events
• Mobile Forms
Relationships, Views and Advanced Views
• Types of Relationships
• Relationship Behaviour’s
• Creating Entity Relationships
• Entity Mapping
Views and Advanced Views
• Public, Personal and System Views
• View Customizations – Common Tasks
• Advanced Views Customizations
Form Scripting
• Client side scripting using Java Script
• Working with Iframes
Working with Web Resources
Extending MS Dynamics CRM
Processes (Workflows & Dialogs)
• Overview of Workflow
• Creating Workflows steps through Workflow Design
• Overview of Dialogs
• Creating Dialog Pages, Prompt and Response
• Working with Input Parameters in Dialogs
Ribbon Customizations
• Creating & Hiding Ribbon Elements
• Enabling & Disabling Ribbon Elements
Introduction to Solutions
• Managed & Unmanaged Solutions
• Importing & Exporting Solutions
• The Event Execution Pipeline
• Developing Plugins
• Plugin Registration Tool
• Deploying Plugins
• Debugging Plugins
Custom Workflows
• Developing Custom Workflow Activities
• Deploying Custom Workflow Activities
• Debugging Custom Workflow Activities
Microsoft CRM – Outlook Integration
• Settings
• Email Configuration
• Email Tracking in CRM
• Ribbon work Bench tool
• XRM Tool Box
• Role Based Views Introduction

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