Azure Data Bricks

Introduction to Azure Databricks

  • Introduction to Databricks
  • Azure Databricks Architecture
  • Azure Databricks Main Concepts

Azure Databricks Account Creation

  • Azure Free Account and Free Subscription For Azure Databricks
  • How to Create Databricks Community __ Azure Databricks

Databricks Cluster Types and Notebook Options

  • Creating and configuring clusters in Azure Databricks
  • How to create Databricks Cluster, Notebook & quick tour on notebook options

Databricks Integration with Hive

  • Azure Databricks Databases and Hive Tables
  • Azure Databricks Databases and Tables

Databricks Utilities and Notebook Parameters

  • dbutils commands on files, directories, notebooks and libraries
  • Databricks Variables, Widget Types, Databricks notebook parameters

Databricks CLI

  • Azure Databricks CLI Installation
  • Databricks CLI - DBFS, Libraries and Jobs

Databricks Integration with Azure Blob Storage

  • Read data from Blob Storage and Creating Blob mount point in Azure Databricks


Databricks Integration with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

  • Reading files from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Databricks Integration with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1

  • Reading Files from data lake storage Gen1

Reading and Writing CSV files in Databricks

  • Azure Databricks __ Read CSV Files efficiently in Spark
  • Read TSV Files and PIPE Separated CSV Files
  • Read CSV Files with multiple delimiters in Spark 2 and spark 3
  • Reading different position Multidelimiter CSV file from blob using hadoop configuration

Reading and Writing Parquet files in Databricks

  • Read Parquet files from Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Reading and Creating Partition files in Spark

Installing Libraries on Databricks Cluster -Read and Write EXCEL & XML files

  • Reading and Writing Excel Files & Installing the libraries on Cluster
  • Reading and Writing XML Files

Parsing Complex Json Files

  • Reading and Writing JSON Files
  • Reading, Transforming and Writing Complex JSON files in databricks

Reading and Writing ORC and Avro Files

  • Reading and Writing ORC and Avro Files

Databricks Integration with Azure SQL Database

  • Reading and Writing data from Azure SQL Database

Databricks Integration with Azure SQL DW(Azure Synapse) using polybase

  • Reading and Writing Azure Synapse data from Azure Databricks

Databricks Integration with Amazon Redshift(Redshift) using polybase

  • Read and Write data from Redshift using databricks

Databricks Integration with Snowflake

  • Reading and Writing data from Snowflake

Databricks Integration with CosmosDB SQL API

  • Reading and Writing data from Azure CosmosDB Account

Python Introduction

  • Python Introduction, Installation and setup
  • Python Data Types for Azure Databricks

Python Data Types

  • Deep dive into String Data Types in Python for Azure Databricks
  • Deep dive into python collection list and tuple
  • Deep dive on set and dict data types in python

Python Functions and Arguments

  • Python Functions and Arguments, Lambda Functions

Python Modules and Packages

  • Python Modules and Packages , Special Variable __name__

Python Flow Control

  • Python Flow Control

Python File Handling

  • Python File Handling

Python Logging Module

  • Python Logging Module

Python Exception Handling

  • Python Exception Handling

Pyspark Introduction

  • Pyspark Introduction
  • Pyspark Components and Features

Spark Architecture and Internals

  • Apache Spark Internal architecture jobs stages and tasks __ Spark Cluster Architecture Explained

Spark RDD

  • Azure Databricks__ Different Ways to create RDD in Databricks
  • Azure Databricks__ Spark Lazy Evaluation Internals & Word Count Program
  • Azure Databricks__RDD Transformations in Databricks & coalesce vs repartition
  • RDD Transformation and Use Cases

Spark SQL

  • Spark SQL Introduction and Different ways to create DataFrames

Spark SQL Intenals

  • Catalyst Optimizer and Spark SQL Execution Plan
  • Deep dive on Sparksession vs sparkcontext& spark SQL Basics part-1

Spark SQL Basics

  • Spark SQL Basics Part-2
  • Joins in Spark SQL and Joins scenarios for Interview Questions

Spark SQL Functions and UDFs

  • Spark SQL Functions part-1
  • Spark SQL Functions part-2
  • Spark SQL Functions Part-3
  • Spark SQL UDFs and Spark SQL Temp tables and Joins

Databricks Delta and Implementing Dimensions SCD1 and SCD2

  • Implementing SCD Type1 and Apache Spark Databricks Delta
  • Delta Lake in Azure Databricks
  • Implementing SCD Type with and without Databricks Delta

Databricks Integration with Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Data Factory Integration with Azure Databricks

Databricks Streaming

  • Delta Streaming in Azure Databricks
  • Data Ingestion with Auto Loader in Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks Projects

  • Azure Databricks Project-1
  • Azure Databricks Project-2

Databricks Integration with Azure Devops

  • Azure Databricks CICD Pipelines

Databricks Interview Question and Answers

  • Azure Databricks Interview Question and Answers

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