OKTA is not a Privileged Access Management and not for favored clients. It is just for Identity and Access Management. OKTA is a cloud administration and is an approach to work. It is very simple to use and it is template based, that is OKTA’s advantage.

OKTA is a guarded character cloud that connections all your applications, logins and devices into a bound together advanced texture. With OKTA, you're ready for action on the very beginning, with each application and program you use to work, immediately accessible. OKTA highlights incorporate Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD) and LDAP coordination, the concentrated de-provisioning of clients, multifaceted verification (MFA), portable personality the executives, and adaptable approaches for association security and control.

Pre Requisite to learn OKTA

  1. You should have knowledge on Unix, Linux platforms.
  2. Good knowledge on cloud platforms.
  3. Should have very good knowledge on networking and network administration.

Topics to be Covered in the training.

  1. Introduction to SSO
  3. OKTA Federation (SAML)
  4. OKTA MFA/Verify
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Application Integration/Onboarding
  7. Users/Groups/Attributes& Policies
  8. Applications (SSO & Provisioning/OIN & Customs Apps)
  9. Assign Users to Application (Authorization)
  10. Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  11. Integrated Windows Authentication
  12. Activate/De-Activate Users
  13. OKTA Reporting
  14. OKTA Dashboard
  15. OKTA Agents
  16. OKTA API
  17. System Logs
  18. Org2Org
  19. Troubleshooting OKTA

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