Oracle Analytical Cloud

Oracle Analytical Cloud Service(OACS)

  • Understanding of OAC concept & architecture
  • Configuring user account for OAC instance
  • Understanding Autonomous Data warehouse
  • Configuring autonomous data warehouse instance.
  • "Creation of ADW Database and bucket.
  • Creating connection between SQL developer and ADW Database.
  • loading data to Object data storage."
  • Configuring OAC DBAAS instance.
  • Configuring Analytics instance in OAC.
  • "Data Sync Utility
  • Installing Datasync Utility.
  • Walkthrough to Oracle Data Sync.
  • Creating connection to ADW instance.
  • Loading data to ADW instance via Relational Data base and flat files.
  • setting up loading strategy on data sync.
  • running jobs in oracle Bics.
  • Monitoring error on Oracle Data sync and scheduling of jobs."
  • Creation of connection to OAC Instance with Autonomous Data warehouse.
  • Creation of Data model & Publishing it in OAC
  • Creation of Reports and Dashboard in OAC.
  • Discussion on Uploading RPD On OAC.
  • "Data visualization Desktop
  • Installing DVD on local Machine.
  • Creating connection TO ADW instance with Data visualization desktop.
  • Creating of data flow and publishing to create subject area.
  • Creation of reports and different visualization using DVD.
  • Publishing reports to the Dashboard using Data visualization."
  • Understanding and walkthrough to the Components on OAC.
  • Understanding Administration section on OAC.
  • Overview of Oracle Apex
  • Working with Machine Learning
  • Creation of users and group on OAC.
  • Assigning permission to Users, groups and Application Role on OAC.





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