Oracle Apps Manufacturing

The Oracle Apps Modules covers in Oracle Manufacturing Training Course are

1. Inventory

2. Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering
3. Oracle Work in Process
4. Brief Introduction to Purchasing and Order Management SCM Modules
5. New Features of R12 Manufacturing Modules


Additional charges, if you require training on
Oracle Cost Management
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

 Course Details

Introduction to Oracle SCM eBusiness Suite

  •  Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system
  •  Navigation to Oracle Applications
  •  Explain basic application integration
  • Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications
  •  Explain different application versions & database versions
  •  Multi Org structure and explanation of Sample Org
  •  Accounting Basics
  •  Overview on P2P and O2C Cycles


  •  Setup Inventory organizations
  •  Setup Sub Inventories
  •  Setup Locators
  •  Lot and Serial number control
  •  Setup Min Max Planning
  •  Reorder Planning
  •  Replenishment.
  •  Kanban
  •  ABC analysis
  •  Physical Counting
  •  Cycle counting
  •  Setup Item templates
  •  Define item by Assigning Item templates
  •  Check Item availability
  •  Create Move Order Requisitions
  •  Inter organisations
  •  Sub inventory Movements
  •  Setup unit of measures
  •  class, codes & conversions
  •  Key flex fields used in inventory

 2.Bills of Material (BOM).

  •  Introduction about BOM
  •  BOM parameters
  •  Resource Groups
  •  Department Class
  •  Define BOM and query BOM
  •  Comparing Between to BOM’s
  •  Query Item where it is used In BOM
  •  Mass changes for BOM
  •  Attach Documents to BOM
  •  Create Common BOM
  •  Import BOM
  •  Define Resource
  •  Define Departments
  •  Define Standard Opertions
  •  Define Routings
  •  Query Resource where its use
  •  Import Routings

 3.Work In Progress (WIP).

  •  Introduction about WIP
  •  WIP parameters
  •  Schedule Groups
  •  WIP Accounting Class
  •  Define Documents for Job/Schedules
  •  Perform Complete Discrete Job Cycle
  •  Job workbench
  •  Resource workbench
  •  Import Job and Schedules
  •  View Pending Jobs and Schedules
  •  WIP Value Summary
  •  View Discrete Jobs and Repitive Schedules
  •  Update OSP Need by Dates


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