Oracle Performance Tuning

SQL tuning
• Query Optimizer and Execution plan
• Index suggestions
• Query structure change
• Hints
• Tkprof analysis
• DBMS Profiler
• Various index scans vs Table scan

Automatics SQL Tuning
• Automatic tuning optimizer
• Statistics analysis
• Sql Profiling
• SQL tuning advisor

Report analysis

Oracle enterprise Manager (OEM)
• DB Health check
• Performance monitoring
• Running above reports

Instance Tuning
• Memory tuning
• Automatic memory management
• Wait events

Segment tuning
• Index rebuilding
• Segment move/shrink operations
• Segment advisor

Partition and Compression
• Partition types and benfits
• OLTP compression
• LOB compression with secure files

Real Time cases
• Tuning query in given time period
• Troubleshooting ongoing query issues
• Archival Process
• Partition Purge
• Separating report data using goldengate

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