QTP Testing

Automation -- QTP 10.0 /UFT 12.5

Introduction to Automation
• What is Automation Testing
• Benefits of Automation Testing
• Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing
• Various Automation Test Tools
• Tool selection criteria

Introduction to QTP10.0/UFT 12.5
• Overview of Quick Test Pro
• Starting Quick Test
• Quick Test Window
• Quick Test Window Layout
• Using Quick Test Commands

Different ways of Developing
Automation Tests
• Recording a test
• Standard Recording
• Analog Recording
• Low Level Recording
• Writing Script
• Descriptive Programming

Working with Test Objects and
Object Repositories
• How QTP learns & identifies Objects
• Working with Test Objects
• Object Spy
• Configuring Object Identification
• Smart Identification
• Merging Shared Object Repositories
• Comparing shared objects Repositories
• Associating shared objects a Test Repositories to
• Working with Test objects methods & Properties

VB Script Language Overview
• VB Script Data Types
• VB Script Variables
• VB Script Constants
• Conditional Statements
• Loops
• Select case
• Arrays
• functions

User Defined Functions
• Creating User Defined Functions
• Advantages of Using Functions
• Creating Generic Functions
• Creating Function Libraries
• Associating Function Libraries

• Need of Synchronization
• Different ways of Synchronizing the Tests
• Configuring Default Synchronization Time
• Exist Statement
• Wait Statement
• Synchronizing Point

• Checkpoint Introduction
• Adding Checkpoints to a Test
• Types of Checkpoints
• Standard Checkpoint
• Image Checkpoint
• Bitmap Checkpoint
• Table Checkpoint
• Text Checkpoint
• Text Area Checkpoint
• Accessibility Checkpoint
• Page Checkpoint
• Database Checkpoint
• XML Checkpoint
• Checkpoints Supported Environment
• Validating the Above Checks through Code

Output Values
• Output Values Introduction
• Different Output Values
• Defining Output Values
• Storing Output Values
• Using Output Values in Script
• Substitute Above Output Code Values through

• Purpose
• Inserting Transactions
• Inserting Ending Transactions
• Analyzing Transaction Results

Developing Data Driven Tests
• Introduction to Parameterize Tests
• Parameterize a Test Manually
• Parameterize a Test using Data table
• Parameterize through XML Files, Excel Files, Flat files
• Parameterize Test using Environment Variables
• Data Driven Test
• Create Data Driven Tests
• Local and Global Data Tables

• Need of Debugging
• Break Points
• Step Into
• Step Over
• Step Out
• Debug Viewer
• Watch
• Variable
• Command

Recovery Scenarios
• Introduction to Recovery Scenarios
• When to use Recovery Scenarios
• Defining Recovery Scenarios
• Recovery Scenario Manager
• Managing Recovery Scenarios
• Associating Recovery Scenarios to your test

Descriptive Programming
• Introduction to Descriptive Programming
• When to use Descriptive Programming
• Descriptive Programming Approach
• Static Representation
• Dynamic Representation
• Handling Dynamic Objects
• Handling Similar Objects
• Developing Generic Scripts

Environment Variables
• Built-in Environment Variables
• User defined Internal
• User defined External

Automation Frameworks

  • Automation Approach
  • Planning and Design Frame Work
  • Implementation of
  • Modularity Framework
  • Library Architecture Framework
  • Keyword-Driven Framework
  • Data-Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

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