Selenium with Python

Selenium with Python
Pytest, Xpath, Java Script


Module 1:


Python In Detail:

Introduction to Script
What is Script, program?
Types of Scripts
Difference between Script and Programming Languages
Features and Limitation of Scripting
Types of programming Language Paradigms
Introduction to Python
What is Python?
Why Python?
Who Uses Python?
Characteristics of Python
History of Python
What is PSF?
Python Versions
How to Download and Install Python
Install Python with Diff IDEs
Features and Limitations of Python
Python Applications
Creating Your First Python Program
Printing to the Screen
Reading Keyboard Input
Using Command Prompt and GUI or IDE
Python Distributions
Different Modes in PYTHON
Execute the Script
Interactive and Script Mode
Python File Extensions
Clear screen inside python
Learn Python Main Function
Python Comments
Quit the Python Shell
Shell as a Simple Calculator
Order of operations
Multiline Statements
Quotations in Python
Python Path Testing
Joining two lines
Python Implementation Alternatives
Sub Packages in Python
Uses of Python in Data Science, IoT
Working with Python in Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac/Android..!!
PyCharm IDE
How to Work on PyCharm
PyCharm Components
Debugging process in PyCharm
PYTHON Install Anaconda
What is Anaconda?
Coding Environments
Spyder Components
General Spyder Features
Spyder Shortcut Keys
Jupyter Notebook
What is Conda? and Conda List?
Jupyter and Kernels
What is PIP?
Variables in Python
What is Variable?
Variables and Constants in Python
Variable,Variable names and Value
Mnemonic Variable Names
Values and Types
What Does “Type” Mean?
Multiple Assignment
Python different numerical types
Standard Data Types
Operators and Operands
Order of Operations
Swap variables
Python Mathematics
Type Conversion
Mutable Versus Immutable Objects
String Handling
What is string?
String operations and indices
Basic String Operations
String Functions, Methods
Delete a string
String Multiplication and concatenation
Python Keywords, Identifiers and Literals
String Formatting Operator
Structuring with indentation in Python
Built-in String Methods
Define Data Structure?
Data Structures in PYTHON
Python Operators and Operands
Arithmetic, Relational Operators and Comparison Operators
Python Assignment Operators
Short hand Assignment Operators
Logical Operators or Bitwise Operators
Membership Operators
Identity Operators
Operator precedence
Evaluating Expressions
Python Conditional Statements
How to use “if condition” in conditional structures
if statement (One-Way Decisions)
if .. else statement (Two-way Decisions)
How to use “else condition”
if .. elif .. else statement (Multi-way)
When “else condition” does not work
How to use “elif” condition
How to execute conditional statement with minimal code
Nested IF Statement
Python LOOPS
How to use “While Loop” and “For Loop”
How to use For Loop for set of other things besides numbers
Break statements, Continue statement, Enumerate function for For Loop
Practical Example
How to use for loop to repeat the same statement over and again
Break, continue statements
Learning Python Strings
Accessing Values in Strings
Various String Operators
Some more examples
Python String replace() Method
Changing upper and lower case strings
Using “join” function for the string
Reversing String
Split Strings
Sequence or Collections in PYTHON
Unicode Strings
Python Lists
Lists are mutable
Getting to Lists
List indices
Traversing a list
List operations, slices and methods
Map, filter and reduce
Deleting elements
Lists and strings
Python TUPLE
Advantages of Tuple over List
Packing and Unpacking
Comparing tuples
Creating nested tuple
Using tuples as keys in dictionaries
Deleting Tuples
Slicing of Tuple
Tuple Membership Test
Built-in functions with Tuple
Dotted Charts
Python Sets
How to create a set?
Iteration Over Sets
Python Set Methods
Python Set Operations
Union of sets
Built-in Functions with Set
Python Frozenset
Python Dictionary
How to create a dictionary?
Python Dictionary Methods
Copying dictionary
Updating Dictionary
Delete Keys from the dictionary
Dictionary items() Method
Sorting the Dictionary
Python Dictionary in-built Functions
Dictionary len() Method
Variable Types
Python List cmp() Method
Dictionary Str(dict)
Python Functions
What is a function?
How to define and call a function in Python
Types of Functions
Significance of Indentation (Space) in Python
How Function Return Value?
Types of Arguments in Functions
Default Arguments and Non-Default Arguments
Keyword Argument and Non-keyword Arguments
Arbitrary Arguments
Rules to define a function in Python
Various Forms of Function Arguments
Scope and Lifetime of variables
Nested Functions
Call By Value, Call by Reference
Anonymous Functions/Lambda functions
Passing functions to function
map(), filter(), reduce() functions
What is a Docstring?

Python Class and Objects
Introduction to OOPs Programming
Object Oriented Programming System
OOPS Principles
Define Classes
Creating Objects
Class variables and Instance Variables Constructors
Basic concept of Object and Classes
Access Modifiers
How to define Python classes
Python Namespace
Self-variable in python
Garbage Collection
What is Inheritance? Types of Inheritance?
How Inheritance works?
Python Multiple Inheritance
Overloading and Over Riding
Built-In Class Attributes

Module 2:


Introduction to Automation
Why and when will we go for Automation
What is the use of Automation
What is the difference between Selenium and QTP
About Selenium:
What is Selenium
Advantages of Selenium
Different flavors of Selenium:
Selenium IDE
Selenium RC
Selenium Grid
Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0
Selenium IDE Introduction:
Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
Features of Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE Icons
Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE Concepts:
Record and playback feature in chrome & Firefox

Debugging the Scripts
Inserting Break Points
Watch variables
Step Into
Step Over
Step Return
Run To line

How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium
Tools to identify elements/objects
IE Developer tools
Google Chrome Developer tools
Locating elements by ID
Finding elements by name
Finding elements by link text
Finding elements by XPath
Finding Elements by using CSS
Regular Expressions

Web Driver:
Introduction & Architecture
Webdriver vs Selenium RC
Downloading and configuring web driver in Eclipse
Drivers for Firefox, IE and HTML Unit driver
First Selenium WebDriver Code
Identify Objects using WebDriver:
Text box, Link, Button
Checkbox, Radio Button, Drop Down Box
Select value, Display all values

Capture screenshot(positive)
Page scroll down using Java script
HTML Unit Driver
Handling Multiple Windows
Implicit wait & Explicit wait
Handling Ajax Auto suggests
Handling web tables
Handling the automation of table data
Handling Test data in Excel sheet usinf JXL, POI files
Handling data from text file , XML file , CSV file
Generating test results and detailed Summary Report
Handling Alerts, unexpected Alerts, Browser windows, Application windows & pop-ups
Handling of multiple frames
Recording a video
Reading content on Image & PDF files
IsSelected Method.
Is displayed Method.

Actions Class:
Mouse over
Simulating Right click

Module 3:

Introduction to Sikuli and its usage with examples using Jython.
Getting count of broken images
WebDriver listeners

Module 4:

Introduction to java script executor
Usage of Java script executor
Javascript Executor.
Handling file download popup using webdriver
Handling file attachment window using -Auto IT tool Third Party Tool & Robot Class
What is a Firefox Profile
Handling Certificate issuer using FF profile
Handling proxy server and file downloading using FF profile

Module 5:

Pytest - Home
Pytest - Introduction
Pytest - Environment Setup
Identifying Test files and Functions
Pytest - Starting With Basic Test
Pytest - File Execution
Execute a Subset of Test Suite
Substring Matching of Test Names
Pytest - Grouping the Tests
Pytest - Fixtures
Pytest -
Pytest - Parameterizing Tests
Pytest - Xfail/Skip Tests
Stop Test Suite after N Test Failures
Pytest - Run Tests in Parallel
Test Execution Results in XML
Pytest - Summary
Pytest - Conclusion

UnitTest Framework Tutorial
UnitTest Framework - Home
UnitTest Framework - Overview
UnitTest Framework - Framework
UnitTest Framework - API
UnitTest Framework - Assertion
UnitTest Framework - Test Discovery
UnitTest Framework - Skip Test
UnitTest Framework - Exceptions Test
UnitTest Framework - Time Test
UnitTest Framework - Unittest2
UnitTest Framework - Signal Handling
UnitTest Framework - Doctest
UnitTest Framework - Doctest API
UnitTest Framework - Py.test Module
Nose Testing - Framework
Nose Testing - Tools

Customized Frame Work:

Building a framework for reuse.
About Hybrid Frame work with POM

Selenium Grid:

About Selenium Grid
Getting started with Selenium Grid
How to use Grid

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