SQL Server DBA 2012

 Course Contents

1) Differentiate Files and Databases



4) Normalizations

5) SQL Server

  • Versions and Editions
  • Features of SQL Server
  • Differentiate the SQL Server and Oracle
  • Services of SQL Server
  • Tools of SQL server

6) SQL Server components over view

7) Pages & extents

  • Pages and Extents
  • Type of Extents

8) Files and File groups

  • Type of Files
  • Type of File groups

9) Backup, Restore and Recovery models

  • Full backup
  • Deferential backup
  • Transaction log backup
  • Tail log backup

10) Maintenance and Troubleshooting of System Databases

  • Moving system databases
  • Rebuilding system databases

11) Troubleshooting, maintenance and Starting the SQL Server instances with following methods

  • Single user mode
  • Minimal Configuration Mode
  • Command Prompt
  • Net Command

12) Login the SQL Server using by DAC

13) Installation and Up gradation of SQL Server

14) Migrating SQL server Databases

  • Backup and Restore
  • Attach and Detach
  • Import and Export
  • Copy Database
  • Migrating of Orphaned users

15) Security
i) Authentication modes
ii) Logins and Server roles
iii) Database users and Database roles
iv) User mapping

16) Automation and SQL server agent

  • Creating jobs
  • Creating Job Scheduling
  • Creating Alerts and Operators
  • Database mail Configuration

17) Monitoring SQL Server

  • Job Activity Monitor
  • Activity monitor
  • Log File Viewer
  • Performance Monitor
  • Windows Event viewer
  • Monitoring by SQL Server Alerts
  • SQL Server Profiler

18) Mirroring

  • Types of Mirroring
  • High performance mode
  • High availability
  • High Protection
  • Types of Data Transfer methods
  • Failover of Mirroring

19) Log shipping

20) Replication

  • Snapshot replications
  • Transactional Replication
  • Transactional With Updatable
  • Merge Replications
  • Types of Replication agents

21) Clustering

  • Connection Setup of Clusters
  • Nodes
  • Quorum
  • Automatic failover
  • Moving to another Node
  • Monitoring Clusters

22) Performance tuning
i) Types of Isolation levels
ii) Locks
iii) Deadlocks
iv) Blockings

23) Query Optimizer and Query Execution Plan

24) Indexing

  • Types of Indexes
  • Differences of Indexes
  • Index Structure
  • Rebuild and Reorganizing
  • Fill Factor

25) T-Log structure

26) Overview of anyone Third-party monitoring tool

27) FAQ’s, PDF documents and Software’s



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