Tableau 9.2 (Desktop, Server / Online, Public, Reader, Vizable & Mobile)


 Job   Topic
 Data Management  

Introduction& Basics
1. What is Tableau? What are the Tableau versions? 
2. What are the Tableau products and what is use of each product?

3. Installing the Tableau desktop 9.2and explore the new features of Tableau 9.2
1. DatSource screen additional features (Table/Field sorting, Calculated Field)
2. Frame finder for multiple tables in same excel sheet 3.Map Box Integration4. Row/Column grand total position change5.Match label colors to graph colors
6.Tableau server project permissions lock 7.IPhone App released

4. Exploredifferent data sources in Tableau
5. Connecting to sample store excel file and verify the different options
(1.Joins 2.filters3. Live vs. Extract –file save as .TDE4.Table / Field sorting5.Rename, hide, Aliases6. Metadata7. Color symbols8.Data typechange9. Describe10. Data Interpreter (Sheet Cleanse& Frame Finder Applies to Excel) 11. Pivot/Un-Pivot12. Split/Custom Split13. Creating Calculated field)

6. Switching Live connection to Extract and Extract to Live

7. Know about Tableau shelves (1.Start page button 2.Data Dimensions& Measures3.Analytics4.Rows/Columns 5.Show Me Control 6.Filters 7.MarksColor, Size, Text/Label, Tooltip, Detail and Shape shelves 8.Pages) 
8. Tableau workbook (Twb)Vs. Tableau packaged workbook(Twbx) 
Connecting to MS SQL Server&Data blending
9. Connect to SQL server database and write the custom SQL query to prepare data
10. What is data blending and what are the basic requirements to do data blending


11. Creating Hierarchies, add members to hierarchies and removing hierarchies 
12. What is grouping? How to create a group in the report. How to consume it? 
13. Creating Sets with different options and how to use sets in the report.
14. What is bin/ histogram and create a report with bin/ histogram

15. Create Cross Tab report and apply the swapping option. How to display the row/column grand totalsand how to change the positions How to show the numerical result into percentage format in cross tab report
16. Formatting the report by changing the colour, style, size.
17. Adding annotations to the report to define the measure at particular point
18. How to create folder and add the members to the folder, ex: Sales, finance and HR

19. How to create trend line, forecast,bar, pie, tree map,Bubble & word cloud& Scatter-plot with custom images including drop lines options.
20. How to create Dual axis, Blended axis and Dual map reports
21. What is Geocoding? How to work with Geocoding in Tableau.
22. How to create Map box map style and how to integrateit intoTableau map report
23. How to create KPI report including parameters
24. How to create a reference line with Analytics panel

25. What is dashboard and how to create dashboard in Tableau. 
26. What is story point and how to create story point sheets
27. How to publish the Data source, tableau workbooks to Tableau Server?
28. What is action and how many types of actions in Tableau. How to create actions.
29. What is user filter and how to apply user/group row level security to the data.


 30. String level functions: Left, right, lower, upper, ltrim, rtrim, trim, len, replace
31. Date functions: Date, date time, isdate
32. Numeric functions: int, float
33. Programing functions: iif, case
34. Aggregate functions: sum, min, max, avg, count, countd

35. User functions: fullname, isfullname, username, isusername, ismemberof

Tableau Server/Tableau Online

36. Installing the Tableau server and configuring Tableau server
37. Log-on to Tableau Server 9.2 and Understand the user interface
38. What is data refresh and how to make the data refresh in schedule manner
39. What is bookmark and how to apply? How to verify the bookmark in the next visit.
40. What is web-authoring and how to edit the reports/dashboard in on-line
41. How to assign the permissions at different levels by users/groups
42. What is subscription and how to create new subscription and edit the subscriptions
43. How to share the report and how to embed the report in other applications code.
44. What is Tag and how to create tags? How to search the reports based on tags

Tableau PublicTableau ReaderTableau Mobile Tableau Vizable
Tableau 10 (Upcoming) Features

45. How to save the worksheets and Dashboards to Tableau public server from Public
46. What is Tableau Reader and what are the benefits and limitations. 
47. Verifying the Tableau dashboards through Android Tablet / I Pad
48. What is Vizable& use of Vizable?Diff. between normal mobile app Vs. Vizable

49. Tableau 10 (Next expected versionfeatures)

1. Union files (merge data) 2.Charts in Tooltip3. Locate Meoption in Map4. Version control on server (versioning)5.Tableau server Manager site

6. Dashboards creating in Web Authoring7.Mobile Editing


50. Help Links
i. Tableau books in PDF
ii. Tableau software (latest & Old)
iii. 1-year student License for Desktop 
iv. Tableau drivers
v. Tableau Mobile apps
vi. Ipad
vii. Tableau 9.1 Vs Tableau 9.2 features
viii. Tableau 10 Expected Features



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